Guest Post: Waiting to Excel

Jumping off my previous post about waiting, I must admit the constant rejection did get to me and I sulked for a while. But after getting over myself, I decided I needed to do something while waiting.

I figured I needed to brush up on my skills, the ones I would need for the future. Of all the MS Office software, Excel for me was pretty tricky. I thought I knew Excel but after failing miserably at a skill assesment for a job I was applying to about a year ago, I found out the things that I knew were basic. Not even basic like I could get away with it basic but like basic-basic. I vowed that I would get better at excel so I got all resources I needed, basically books, and was bent on learning everything I could. Unfortunately, I got into a job where I didn’t need those Excel skills so I forgot about it until recently.

The problem I have with how-to books is that I am more of a show-me-how-to-do-it guy and so I needed someone to show me how to do it. I am just grateful that nowadays, there is somebody always willing, able and ready to help you out anytime and anywhere. Someone who will show you how to do stuff and repeat it when you don’t get it the first time. Thank you YouTube.

Of all the video channels, I found  ExcelisFun the most helpful. What I like about Mike Girvin’s channel is that aside from it catering to the inexperienced and the more advanced Excel users, his video on his book Slaying Excel Dragon includes a spreadsheet that you can download and work on while watching the video. He also provides a homework spreadsheet so you can apply your newly acquired excel dragon slaying skills.

The other sites that are helping me are and

What are your go to sites for Excel-related learnings?


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