Guest Post: The Invasion

Hello Violetology readers! I’ll be taking over for a few posts while my sister is busy being the responsible adult. I’ll be posting some pretty random stuff mostly about what’s happening around me and basically me ranting about life so thank you (and apologies) for indulging me.

I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. I am Violetology’s older brother and recently I made a decision to uproot myself from home and fly to the UAE for better work opportunities aka greener pastures. While there are a ton of opportunities here, the one for me seems to be evading me. I’ve been a little over four months now and so far all I got was 1 video interview, a skill assessment/interview and several a gazillion thank-you-for-applying- but-NO-emails. Personally, I appreciate those emails rather than not hearing from the company at all — similar to being seenzoned. So things aren’t going as planned. My greener pastures is turning out to be more of a greyish sandlot.

Aside from not reacting violently to rejection, I have been learning a lot from this experience. First, I am grateful that I am in a position where I get to choose the job I apply to. This is not the case with some of the people I have met or the stories I have heard of people being stuck in their present job because they didn’t have a choice. Second, this will take time. Sure, I would have loved it if I got the job the first time I was interviewed, or the first time I sent in my application, but that is not the case. It does get a little frustrating and a blow to the ego but I figured this will make for a good story someday. I got over being envious of people who got a job quickly aka my little sister aka Doreekepidia. I am learning to stop comparing my beginning to other people’s middle or ending. Third, this will be an exercise of trust and a testing of attitude. In his book Better than Good, Zig Ziglar says that “Attitude is a mental outlook — a frame of mind. It’s how you think based on what you know to be true. It’s a reflection of your faith, a sign of your confidence that life is not about you, nor even your happiness or success. It is about God and his plan for your life.”

Honestly, it is difficult to stay/be positive when things aren’t going your way especially if the alternative is to WAIT. Waiting is not my strong suit. Probably the effects of living in a world that puts a premium on “instant” feeding my “I want it now” attitude. But I am learning. I definitely believe that God has something in store for me and while I wait on him, I am acknowledging that he is the one in control. This is not the sitting-on-my-butt-doing-nothing-just-waiting-for-something-to-happen kind of waiting. More than just waiting for time to pass, knowing who God is, I wait expectantly with hope more than the watchmen waiting for the morning (Psalm 130:6).

You know how they say life is about the journey and not the destination? I am finding this to be true with waiting as well. Sometimes the reward is more than getting what you waited for but the things you learn, the person you become while waiting. I remember Pastor Peter Tan-chi preaching that the ultimate blessing in pursuing intimacy with God is God himself.

This is my hope. This is why I am committing to wait.



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