Seychelles: Parasailing in Mahé


Before finally leaving Seychelles, I wanted to do something new and exciting.

Seychelles-beau-vallon (15)

There was no available tour guide for an early morning hike so I looked towards the sea. I remember when we first arrived, I watched someone parasailing and I wished I had the courage to do the same.

Today, courage found me.

Seychelles-parasailing (1)

I was so nervous! I looked at the parachute and the rope and wished they could support my fat legs from crashing into the waters below. Most of all, I prayed I wouldn’t do anything stupid like tumbling and slipping through my harness.

Seychelles-parasailing (2)

When the speed boat started moving, I counted one, two, three… closed my eyes and screamed! Nothing happened. The sea boys looked at me and laughed. The boat had to pull my long rope first and I was attached to the end of it.

Seychelles-parasailing-2Finally, when I felt the rope tugging at my waist, I closed my eyes and got ready for the scary flight.

A few seconds past and I opened my eyes to see my legs dangling from the sky. The take-off was so SMOOOOOTH, I didn’t even feel the moment my feet left the sand!

It was a-mah-zing!
Seychelles-parasailing (3)

I screamed in delight as I was being lifter higher and higher. Then I let loose and shouted at the top of my lungs –  roaring the anger, pain and frustrations inside me for the ocean to swallow.

It was liberating.Seychelles-parasailing (4)

When I reached the highest point my rope can take me, the flight became calm and relaxing. As I looked down at the beautiful world below me, an overwhelming feeling of love embraced me.

Seychelles-parasailing (5)

I looked around and saw a bigger picture. No matter how cruel the world is and how difficult life has become, the beauty of creation points to an almighty God. And the beauty I see is nothing compared to the splendor of the Creator.

Up in the sky, I met God and he spoke to me loud and clear,

“You have a Maker, I formed your heart
Before even time began, your life was in my hands
I am your Father, I call you my own
I’ll never leave you, no matter where you go.”
Seychelles-parasailing (6)

“I know your name,
I know your every thought
I see each tear that falls,
And I hear you when you call.”

Seychelles-parasailing (11)

My photos do not give justice to the breathtaking view from above.

Seychelles-parasailing (12)Seychelles-parasailing (7)

My flight wasn’t over yet. When I saw my guide flapping his arms, I started to dread my descent. I didn’t recall an orientation on this.
Seychelles-parasailing (8)

My landing was just as smooth as my take-off. I felt supporting hands even before my feet reached the ground. There was no orientation because I didn’t need one at all.

These sea boys really, really, really impressed me. They are the epitome of professional service. Hats off to my personal camera man as well.

Seychelles-parasailing (9)

I strongly recommend the Water Sport Center for your parasailing adventure. I was given a discounted rate of 600 SCR (46 USD | 170 AED | 2,157 PHP) for a single flight. Look for these boys, they are the best!

Seychelles-parasailing (13)

Here’s the price list of Savoy for comparison:

Seychelles-parasailing (14)This is my favorite video capture. Seychelles-parasailingIf we as humans have the ability to care and protect, how much more will our heavenly Father do to grasp us tight into safety.

Seychelles-parasailing (10)

Watch the video!

Tommy Walker’s He knows my name

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    1. I loved this video…Can you please send me link to book Parasailing….. and are these prices latest mentioned in your pics?


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