Seychelles: Savoy Resort and Spa

Beau Vallon,  Mahe Island

The newly built five-star modern resort was our home for 3 days. It was one of the best hotels I’ve been to so far. For 3 mornings, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. When I sat by the pool I could hear the crashing waves of the ocean while I gazed at the green mountains before me.

I felt the mountains and the sea hugging me.


Let me share with you why I loved the place so much. Click on the photos to enlarge and view captions.


Our room was spacious, bright and very comfortable. If the sea wasn’t nearby, I wouldn’t leave this room at all.


The design is so breathtaking! It is also Seychelles’ largest hotel swimming pool.


The Grand Savoy is an all-day dining restaurant that offers an array of local and international cuisine. A zen pebble pond surrounds the outdoor sitting area.


I have one word for the hotel grounds: majestic!


The only downside to the hotel is that it isn’t really beachfront. You don’t walk out of your door right into the beach. There is a little public street that separates the beach from the hotel. Though the hotel has their own towels and chairs,the beach is shared by all.

at night

The hotel at night is just stunning! The mountains and the sky create the perfect backdrop.

Honestly, this was luxury I could not afford. And if I did, I’d rather spend it on something or someone more heart fulfilling.

But it was a free upgrade, God’s gift to a girl from a small provincial town so she gets a taste of extravagance and discover that although she longs for affluence once in a while, her heart’s ultimate fulfillment is not the splendor of earthly things.

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