Seychelles: The Departure


Before I knew it, 4 days flew by.

Seychelles-airport (1)Checking out…
Seychelles-airport (2)We requested for Stenio, our tour guide, to bring us to the airport.
Seychelles-airport (4)

Such a fun-loving person! I definitely recommend him for your airport transfers and island tours.Seychelles-airport (3)

We still had money left so we had it re-exchanged back to dollars.Seychelles-airport (5) Seychelles-airport (6)

Goodbye, Seychelles!
Seychelles-airport (7)

Buckling down for some content review, switching work-mode on even before the plane took off 😦
Seychelles-airport (8)

And back to reality.Seychelles-airport (9)Our concierge (a.k.a my sister) met us at the door and our butler (a.k.a my brother) cleaned our room. Sweet surprises!
Seychelles-airport (10)

When I was unpacking, I found my lock forced open. That is why I don’t pack valuables in my checked baggage. I know friends who lost precious items coming back from their Seychelles trip.Please be warned.


This is not one of my budget travels as Mr. Choosy was with me. But I’ll still share with you our expenses to help plan your trip. You can cut this by half if you choose a cheaper hotel and eat from the street stalls.

AIR FARE Annual leave tickets FREE
VISA No visa required for us FREE
HOTEL Free hotel upgrade 2,116.80
TAXI To/from Abu Dhabi airport 80.00
TAXI From airport to Beau Vallon hotel         600.00 2,094.39 (total)
TAXI From Beau Vallon hotel to airport         650.00
TOUR Full day island tour         3,200.00
PARASAILING Single flight         600.00
FOOD 3 Dinners + 2 Lunches + 1 Snack         2,363.00
MISC         22.10
TOTAL EXPENSES    4,291.19

We originally booked the Coral Strand hotel through Etihad Holidays (Staff Travel). The hotel gave us the complimentary upgrade to Savoy Hotel & Spa.

Seychelles-airport (11)

Mair-see, Seychelles! I will be coming back.

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” – Elbert Hubbard

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