DAY 18: Papa and Bethany

Dear Papa,

I remember taking these photos of Bethany and you.

You were studying and preparing for a sermon when she climbed on top of the table. You read aloud to her while she crawled back and forth. A few minutes later, she got impatient and started babbling and screaming. I thought you were going to get angry or shoo her away. Instead, you stood up and joined her. You both looked so funny howling at each other. Minutes later, she got tired and ran away, and you went back to your quiet work.

doming-lucasi (2)You spent time with her, told her stories and carried her around. I now know why you had to bombard Doree Joy and me with lessons and principles.

It’s because you’d be gone and now it’s our turn to be a “father-sister” to her.

Looking forward to seeing you again!


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