How to ride GrabCar at NAIA – Manila Airport

Are you flying to Manila and worried about your airport transport? Are you weary of dishonest taxi drivers and anxious about your safety getting home?


I fly home often in a year and having someone or a jeep-load of family members to welcome me isn’t practical at all. I have no choice but to ride a taxi home.

grab-car-naia-airport (2)

Manila airport taxis have ridiculous prices. So this is what I normally do when I arrive at the airport:

don’t go to the arrivals area after I collect my luggage. As I come out of the customs check, I turn right and take the elevator up to the departure area (3rd floor). That’s where I get a standard taxi, from those dropping off departing passengers.

Generally, this should be cheaper because they’d be using standard meter. But it’s very rare to find an honest driver. I can tell you so many horror stories of my taxi rides from the airport. Even the guards are sneaky, don’t even try to ask help from them. They’ll lead you straight into a trap.

My last nightmare was this airport taxi who pretended to be a standard taxi. I was duped because he was in cahoots with the guard. Long story short, I had to cut my trip short, transfer to another taxi and still pay him a thousand pesos for the short distance he drove.

grab-car-naia-airport (3)

GrabCar arrives at NAIA

Just when I thought easy airport transfers are hopeless in Manila, the most convenient ride arrives.


It’s so easy to find and use, I’m surprised it took our airports forever to have this.

How to get theregrab-car-naia

After collecting your luggage, pass through customs and walk out of the doors. Before reaching the arrivals area (ramp going down), turn right on the street and walk to the end.


You’ll see the Grab booth manned by a booking agent. If you don’t have a smart phone or internet connection, they’ll book a ride for you.

grab-car-naia-airport (6)

The agent was friendly and my driver was professional, like all GrabCar drivers I encountered so far. From the airport to SM North Annex, my bill was 450. It was such a convenient experience!

Designated pick-up locations

Click on the links to see maps.


Free yourself from metered-fare and enjoy worry-free transport with fixed fares!

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