South Korea: 3 Tips to Enjoy Nami Island

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  1. Watch Winter Sonata before visiting.

“Let me tell you how to make friends… left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, slowly step by step.”

This hit Korean drama will make your walk around the island more meaningful. Then you won’t be surprised why these rusty bikes make people go “aaaaahhh!”.

nami island south korea

You’ll also know why the Metasequoia lane is a global symbol of the island.

nami island south korea

Heads up: the tree paths can get so crowded, you’ll probably have a hard time getting a clean photo of you.

nami island south korea

2. Go early.

It’s a popular pilgrimage site for K-drama addicts and a convenient getaway for locals. It can get crowded by midday, especially on a weekend.

Getting there early gives you a head start in taking pictures with lesser photo bombers.

nami island south korea

If your itinerary is full, you can tour the island in 2-3 hours. However, if you want to get the most out of your trip, you’ll have to stay longer.

nami island south korea

There are many facilities and activities to keep you entertained. The island has cultural villages, a library, theme parks, water sports, bicycle paths, coffee shops, and restaurants. You can also opt to stay overnight in their villas and bungalows.

nami island south korea

If I had to do this trip all over again, I would spend one whole day here.

I’d take photos in the morning and spend the afternoon leisurely writing, watching people and thinking about why I don’t want to go home.

nami island south korea


3. For the sake of good photos, go with friends.

nami island south korea

Tag someone along so they can take amazing shots of you.
nami island south korea

Everywhere you go is a setting for a dramatic shot.

nami island south korea

nami island south korea

And silly ones too…

nami island south korea

But if you’re travelling alone, make sure you bring your GoPro or tripod. You would want to remember these sceneries.nami island south korea

nami island south korea


Maybe because of Winter Sonata’s ill-fated love story, there is a sense of sadness to the place. But it’s the kind of melancholy that makes you appreciate life more. It takes you back to the different experiences of love and the lessons it gave you. Innocent love. Lost love. True love.

I went home that day wanting to create more beautiful memories with people I love before it’s too late.

nami island south korea


This was the throng of people waiting to board the ferry back to the main island.
nami island south korea

I am thankful for this couple who were with me for the day. Who would imagine I’d have fun walking around in the cold with a pregnant mommy and a soju-crazy daddy.

Our parting scene was so funny. They ushered me to my train, stood by the door, shouted and pointed in unison when they saw an empty seat for me. They waved goodbye until I couldn’t see them anymore. So sweet!

This is what I love about the Filipino bond. We may have met each other for the first time but you made me feel like family.
nami island south korea

I would love to see Nami again in all 4 seasons 🙂

nami island south korea

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