HaB Korea: National Folk Museum of Korea

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I was already in Seoul when I started planning my daily itineraries. Whenever I travel, I choose to do some activities on my own and I reserve the cultural tours with a travel agency.

This way I get to understand a country’s history and traditions through the stories of a local guide.

National Folk Museum of Korea

There were a lot of tour companies to choose from online. After sending emails back and forth to a few agencies, I got an offer from HaB Korea that I couldn’t resist.

It was a customized deal given to bloggers, writers and media people. The private tour is done wherever I wanted to go and whatever I wanted to do. My guide for the day was the founder and CEO himself, Mr. Daniel Kim.

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Our day started with a trip to the museum located inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

THE National Folk Museum of Korea (국립민속박물관)

National Folk Museum of Korea

The museum presents historical artifacts that were used in the daily lives of Korean people in the past.

National Folk Museum of Korea

Through the displays, visitors can learn about the domestic and agricultural lifestyles, as well as Korea’s cultural beliefs.

National Folk Museum of Korea

The museum has three main exhibition halls: History of Korean People features materials of everyday life in Korea from prehistoric times to the end of the Joseon Dynasty in 1910;

National Folk Museum of Korea

…The Korean Way of Life, which illustrates Korean villagers in ancient times;

National Folk Museum of Korea

…and the Life Cycle of the Koreans, which depicts the deep roots of Confucianism in Korean culture and how this ideology gave rise to most of the culture’s customs.

National Folk Museum of Korea

Click on images to enlarge.

I am not a museum-ish kind of person. But it was helpful to see the different artifacts and read descriptions here and there. Even some of the peculiarities I’ve watched in K-dramas now made sense.National Folk Museum of Korea

First stop of the day is done. Moving on to the next!

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