Paragliding in Korea (The Flight)


Read MY pre-flight experience here.


At the top was a quiet beautiful brown scenery. It was the start of winter so the landscapes and fields were dry. But imagine the view if it was summer and spring, when everything would be green!


Because this was my second time to do paragliding, I knew what to expect. I was looking forward to the peaceful gliding after the run.

paragliding in korea

When it was my turn on the ‘hill-runway’, my pilot made sure both our harnesses and lines were ok. We waited a little for the right wind then he started shouting, “Run, run, run!”

My fat legs ran with all their mighty-might!


A few seconds later I was up in the air!

After giggling and screaming in excitement, I sat back comfortably in my seat and enjoyed the gentle sunlight, the cold wind, the birds flying around and the peaceful view below.

paragliding in korea

Parasailing and parachuting are often confused with paragliding. Parasailing is done above the ocean behind a boat. Parachuting or sky-diving is done from an airplane.

Compared to the two, paragliding is the simplest and most serene way to fly.

paragliding in korea

Paragliding is foot-launched and the glider/canopy is already inflated before flying. You take-off by jogging from a gentle sloping hillside, mountain or coastal cliff.

I was a bit disappointed because my photos weren’t that great. My pilot was a kind person but sadly, he wasn’t too good in picture-taking. Haha. There were spectacular views that we weren’t able to capture.

Mental note to self: Because you are OC-OC (obsessive-compulsive) with your photos, do not leave your own GoPro behind.

My friend had more awesome photos than me!
paragliding in korea

10 minutes later we were already landing. I pleaded for my pilot to extend my flight a little because we didn’t go far enough, but I felt he was tired already. Somehow I understood because he did 2 flights before me.


The entire flight didn’t quite meet my expectations. The take-off was a bit rushed, the landing wasn’t smooth, and for the long travel and waiting time, I felt my air-time was too short.

However, I am still thankful to my pilot because he was friendly and tried hard to communicate with me even if he didn’t speak English well.

Also, I still had my moments of serenity up in the sky, with that I am most grateful.

paragliding in korea

After the flight, we were dropped off at the Boryeong beach area. You also have the option to be dropped off at the bus station where you take the ride back to Seoul yourself.

paragliding in korea

It was a wonderful day and I’m glad I had new friends to share that with.paragliding in korea






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