South Korea: Wow Hills Guest House Seoul

wow hills guest house seoul

Just a few minutes away from Hongik University is a cozy home for travellers who prefer the simpler and quieter side of lodging in Seoul, South Korea.

wow hills guest house seoul

The owners, Jin and Andrew, are well-experienced hosts and have received wonderful reviews from guests around the world.

I decided to stay here because of a friend’s good feedback on their services.


wow hills guest house seoul

The house is protected by CCTVs, sensors and an electronic door lock system. You have access to free internet, TV and a workspace with a printer.

wow hills guest house seoulIt is air-conditioned, good for a summer stay. At the same time, it has heated floors, perfect for the winter season.

I love coming home to the warmth after a long day of freezing hills guest house seoul


The shared kitchen has a fridge, microwave, water dispenser, coffee maker, toaster, stove and some cooking hills guest house seoul

You can store your food in the fridge and cook for your own. Just don’t forget to clean up as you go.

For self-service breakfast, they provide you with cereal, bread, cup noodles and coffee. wow hills guest house seoul


The guest house has 2 single rooms…wow hills guest house seoul

wow hills guest house seoul

A 4-person dormitory room…wow hills guest house seoul

A 6-person dormitory room…wow hills guest house seoul

And 2 family rooms which I have no photos of.

That’s my bed, my comfy kingdom for 14 days!wow hills guest house seoul


wow hills guest house seoul

The shared toilets are stocked with free soap, shampoo and towels. I had fun testing all the Korean products they hills guest house seoul

wow hills guest house seoul

For your laundry, you can freely use their washing machine and detergent.
wow hills guest house seoul


The rooftop terrace has a table, benches and a BBQ grill, best used during the summer time.
wow hills guest house seoul


The Hongdae neighbourhood is known for its youthful, artistic and romantic atmosphere. It is lined with lively restaurants, quaint cafes, clubs, galleries, fashion shops and creative street art.

hongik university seoul

I love how the streets transform at night, with food and shopping stalls taking over the lanes.hongik university seoul

The best part is the overload of good-looking young students. You can sit all day watching oppas pass by, until you realize you’re a married woman.

hongik university seoul

hongik university seoul

The guest house is one block away from the main gate of Hongik University.

It is nestled midway up a hill, a good 2-3 minutes exercise (best done after gorging on street food on the way home). Sadly, the hike may not be handicap-friendly.

wow hills guest house


Getting there is easy because both airports, Incheon (AREX All Stop Train) and Gimpo, are connected to the subways that directly passes by the Hongik University Station. The owners offer free pick-up and drop-off in that station.

For a fee, you can also reserve a pick-up from the airport.hongik university seoul

violetology reviews


  1. The cleanliness and convenience – they clean the rooms everyday and the owners are on-call to help you anytime.
  2. The ambiance – it’s peaceful and quiet… until a group of noisy guests come along.
  3. The area – it’s a shopping and eating haven. Everything is walking distance, including the subway.

wow hills guest houseI would definitely return to this guest house if given the chance!


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