Open letter to the Police, Security and Political Leaders of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. HELP!

We have been to court and the case is now close through amicable settlement.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us get through this: the police officers of Bayombong, the political leaders of Nueva Vizcaya (from provincial to barangay officials), the leaders of the Indigenous People (NCIP), the whole community of Nueva Vizcaya, family, attorneys, friends, friends of friends and all the netizens who has shared our case online.

The attacker and his family has sought for forgiveness. We have also extended our hands in peace. We continue to pray that we remain safe in our own house.


On December 11, 2016, we were attacked by our neighbors in Barangay Salvacion.


Some of the stones and rocks thrown at our house.

At around 1:00 AM, I was awakened by a loud noise made by a couple fighting in the street, just below my window. The dogs started to bark incessantly. This is not the first time this has happened. Since coming home last October, I have witnessed how our neighbors’ noise (singing, drinking or fighting) has kept our house awake through the night.

Our family has been quiet all these years despite the long history of threat, violence, theft and assault towards our compound. We know our neighborhood is full of gangs, drug users and chronic troublemakers. Since my parents are originally from Mt. Province, we also know we are defenseless should we pursue justice.

But tonight, just for tonight, I needed sleep. I have been travelling non-stop and just arrived back in town. All I wanted is a peaceful night of sleep.

From my bed, I leaned over the window and said “shhh!” as gently as I can. I was hoping the couple would realize that they were disturbing others and move somewhere else. The guy started shouting and cursing. I laid back quietly hoping he would eventually leave.

But he cursed louder and taunted for me to come out, “Ifugao, Ifugao!”

Ifugao is a name of a fellow indigenous tribe. He kept shouting horrible things, cursing me and the Ifugao people. That’s when I snapped and shouted back for him to keep quiet. I was shocked when he suddenly threw a rock towards our house.

I jumped off the bed and cried for help from the other neighbors. At the top of my voice I cried over and over, “tulong po, mga kapitbahay!” Nothing. Darkness. Not a single neighbor came out. No response from the Barangay too.

His grandmother came and interfered. She tried to pull him away and shouted an apology to me. I was trembling in fear but from my window, I responded saying it’s ok, “ok na po, ok na po.” I thought that was the end of it.

Half an hour later we heard a loud crash and our windows breaking. Big stones were being hurled at our house. Apparently, they came back to attack us. Good thing I was out of my bed or else I would have been hit.


The stone that broke into my room and landed on my bed.


We called the police and waited for their response team. More stones kept coming, more crashing heard. When the police arrived, they assessed the situation and took photos of the damages. Then we heard screams here and there as the guy and his allies created a huge fighting scene. The police tried their best to catch him.

Long story short, the guy’s family came together to resist arrest. The police had no choice but to leave empty-handed. I was asked to go to the station to file a report. The police then left our house despite my plea to leave a person behind. I understand they were understaffed but I also feared for our lives. Our family had no choice but to clasp our hands in prayer and wait for the sun to come up.

Despite the polices’ appearance, our rowdy neighbors stayed up all night loudly singing and shouting curses at us. They had no fear.

At around 6:00 AM the third round of attack started. Bottles and more stones were thrown our way.


At around 7:00 AM, after so much resistance, death threats being thrown at our family and derogatory curses towards the tribal people, the police finally caught the guy. Again, I  thought it was done. But after the police left, some of the guy’s allies started throwing rocks at our house again.

At around 1:00 PM, we were hit one more time.



My parents hail from the Balangao tribe of Mt. Province, but my siblings and I were born and raised here in Bayombong. My childhood was full of happy and significant memories of this town. I am a proud Novo Vizcayano.

At the same time, I have my indigenous roots – my ancestral heart that hurts when people demean and discriminate us.

Here are some of the many insults and threats hurled at us:
“Mga Ifugao! Mga manok kayo dito, lumayas kayo!”
“Sangagasut kayo laeng!”
“Lucasi, papatayin ko kayo!”

Stones that entered our attic. Thankfully the windows were facing down, so no glass panes were shattered.

I am writing this to thank the police for responding to our cries. I sympathize with your team and all the injuries incurred. But I am also pleading to you, the entire security forces and the political leaders of Bayombong to help us. What has become of our town? How can a single family or a group of young people become a threat to a whole neighborhood? HELP.

I am writing this to plead to my fellow tribes of the north. I am not calling you to wage war, but to stand side by side our family and show support. Until when will we swallow all the insults and discrimination hurled at us? HELP.

I am writing this to my good-hearted neighbors, my fellow Vizcayanos. Until when will we keep our lights shut and turn a blind eye to what’s really happening in our streets. HELP.

Please pray for our family as further attacks may happen in the coming days, weeks or maybe even months.


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  • 11 December 2016 – Assault was committed at midnight.
  • 12 December 2016 – Affidavit filed at the fiscal’s office (Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Capitol)
  • 13 December 2016 – Received copy of the case file. Another suspect identified. Had a trauma counseling for those who were present during the assault.
  • 17 December 2016 – we invited the family of the attacker, to dialogue with us. They had also asked to talk with us earlier that week.

My uncles (mom’s brothers) and attorneys, came down from Baguio to lead the talks. Forgiveness was asked and received during the session. Lunch was also served as part of the Balangao culture in extending peace to the other party.

We also visited the police station to get updates on the case and thank them for the work they do.

As of 22 December 2016


Author information:

Violet Lucasi-Elrays
– Elementary: Saint Mary’s University Central – Bayombong (batch 1998)
– Highschool: Nueva Vizcaya General Comprehensive High School – Bayombong (batch 2002)
– College: Ateneo de Manila University – Quezon City (batch 2009)


77 thoughts on “Open letter to the Police, Security and Political Leaders of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. HELP!

  1. Hi, im the anonymous person that replied telling you im your neighbor with an ifugao ancestry and that i was skeptical at first of your story because of how the narration bordered on panic mode…

    Its good you pursue the matter thru court filing. Sanest move you did instead of blowing it out of proportion.

    The situation is not really about lowlanders and highlanders. Its a scenario of a stupid guy doing a bully act. The stupid guy blurting out “ifugao” is just an accessory to his desire of being a bully to you. The best way to stop ethnic or racial bias is to stop talking about it and proceed on the context of judging a person by the content of his character and not by his ethnic background. We should stop talking about negative ethnicity or it will stoke again to this generation the evil of ethnic strife to which I and my brothers greatly experienced in the 90s.

    I grew up in the 90s at Salvacion area and we are the very few ifugao family that settled in the heart of Bayombong back then. Me and my brothers faced heavy discrimination growing up in an Ilokano and Gaddang community. I grew up with other kids from our neighborhood and school and they learned discriminatory behaviors from the old generation, it was passed to them.

    Through the years of living among them, the barrier of discrimination was slowly and gradually broken. After the discrimination we experienced in the 90s, my neighbors and friends doesnt looks at us not as an Ifugao of negative connotation but their neighbor and friend. We live and interact with them normally and not a shade of discrimination is in the air. The only remaining are the old guards of the discriminating era. Lets help put a stop to this old people from infecting their discriminatory mindset to the next generation.

    Therefore, im requesting you to not please stoke the fire of ethnic divide and that your situation is a case of a bully targeting his victim and nothing else. Kawawa sana yang siga sa kanto namen, lalanggamin ng buong kapitbahay sa kanto namen yan.

    Hmmmm, methinks there is something missing in your neighborhood… You see, in our neighborhood, we know each other very well and we are like brothers and sisters to each other. Have you by chance, established a neighborhood bond with your neighbors? Has anyone in your house have a connection with your neighbors?

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    1. Hi anonymous, thanks for taking the time to write this message. I understand and respect your sentiments. It would have been nice though if you wrote your real name 🙂

      Since you are my neighbor, I would like to make a connection with you. Come over to our house and let’s have a friendly chat. I would rather have us talk and dialogue together than air out my disagreements online. Message me in FB or meet me in the football field. I also play with the NuViz football club, a lot of players are part of this neighborhood 🙂 Looking forward to establishing a new friendship, see you soon!


  2. what a scary experience… and stressful. will be praying until things get better.
    “The Lord your God, who is going before you, will fight for you” – Deuteronomy 1:30

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  3. Hello ma’am. This is not a simple situation. But the Lord can handle this. Let us trust Him and pray harder. “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they shall stumble and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this I will be confident” (Psalms 27: 1-3). God bless you.


  4. There’s no excuse to what these violent people has done to you. They should be jailed and justice be given to your family. We are all FILIPINOS and we should respect each other .

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  5. Sis,if incase,emphasis on incase,the mayor there doesn’t help in a way even the barangay offixals especially the pb,then all highlanders in that place should not vote for them.lowlanders who visit our towns are treated with respect. If we do what they do,then no lowlanders will ever get out of our place alive.but sadly,we are more civilized than them,isolated case or not,it still aint right what they did. Damage to property,public disturbance,discrimination,threaths,wow,that’s alota charges for those bastards. Let ’em rot in jail, let’s even see if they can pay the bail and the damages they did to you,not just damage to property but the emotional damage they caused.let ’em have a dose of jail.just wish that we can do our own justice their to make it swift! Headhuntin’ baby,like no longer wakin’ up in the mornin’. But sadly we can’t. Stay safe always…God be with you always!!!


    1. You’re absolutely right, we do treat them in a very special way when they come up our mountains for trekking, backpacking or just visiting. The fact that we have slowly laid our spears to rest and are conforming to the legal way of justice is proof that we have become the better people.

      True, the hardest part is the emotional damage. Still couldn’t sleep at night 😦

      Thank you for the message. God be with you too.


  6. What’s wrong with being an IFUGAO, or from any northern indigenous tribe? Do they think they are the stronger and wiser tribe? I really just want to challenge them too intellectually just to point out what they mean when they are cursing and shouting at your family as ifugaos… it’s good to not go down to their level, they should be ashamed for they are actually the conquered and oppressed ones before the northern people ever got to be called civilized. They actually fear us and envy us in everything, hence their actions at your family. They know that they cannot fight fairly and individually that’s why they do things in groups. They cannot accept the fact that migrant highlanders were able to live off successfully and are wealthier than them. If this kinds of action still persist in Bayombong, the officials should find a way to stop this at once or else “extrajudicial killings” might be around the corner. I am not saying that we should do such things or whatever. It’s just that not everyone is as understanding and forgiving like your family. Some of our brothers and sisters do not like to be discriminated and they might retaliate if they are threatened or disrespected. I am hoping for the peaceful resolution to this matter…^_^ Ingat lagi.


    1. True, a lot of migrant highlanders have risen beyond the expectations of people, intellectually and financially even.

      I really hope the Bayombong government would take this seriously and educate the young people about equality.

      It is also true that we are naturally born blood warriors, but this is not the road we want to take today.

      Salamat for leaving a comment. Ingat ka din 🙂


    2. It’s sad, but it’s been a tradition of Salvationeros n neras to be very territorial in thinking n feeling. It’s just that, if a newcomer or an immigrant is not friendly or is/are being snub, the original population r offended… why? Well, they expect for d newcomer to make verbal contact or gesture to insinuate friendship or mutual respect.

      We were born that way. People who do not understand that old tradition must stop reading this now.

      So, by saying that jealousy because of others accomplishment is better than d other party… maybe, but the real solution is FREE… greet each other as U meet… not all the time but atleast ones in a while… call people by name n say “Kumusta”, that’s it.

      Honestly, I have been to other places n I never encountered your experience because I make nice contact with people, U don’t need to talked, just a sincere smile will defuse any kind of unwelcome gesture. People may not smile back, but when U smile.,. Peace is the reward.

      I am a Salvation man, we were brought up to be thingking superior to others, newcomers are not welcome until proven that they are not a treat or that they r friendly n respectful n vice versa.

      U don’t need to call Ur tribe to help U on this problem. If U just assimilate with Ur new neighbors, they should help U resolved Ur problem easily by telling these attackers to stop or they will defend U at any cause.

      But, no one dare to give U a helping hand… that means that everybody does not like your unfriendly daily approaches to all Ur neighbors.

      When U call for help n no one responded, it only means one thing… U don’t have any friends around U, it’s too late to call for help when everyone dislike U.

      So what’s the solution? Read all the above again n U will find the answer.


  7. Tondo ng Bayombong yung lugar na yan. Years back when I studied in Bayombong, Salvacion was haven for bastard activities. Pretty sure may halung drugs sila di lang lasing ksi di nakining at rumespeto sa mga police so who do they listen too? Have a visit to the Mayor and discuss your tragic experience of a neighborhood. Nu lastug da ket kayat na padasan isnan aramid takun iBontoc ta marikna na. Be watchful because they may do more to harm you!

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    1. That’s what we fear, a counter-attack since the case is already filed. But we are currently working with the IP leadership for protection and awareness of the case. Also the police have been helping us with the safety as well.

      It’s sad how the lowlanders keep on challenging us when they don’t know how our history is rooted in wars, headhunting and bloodshed. The good thing is that we are taking the higher road. That makes us way better people in society.


  8. tama po lumaban tayo sa legal na paraan never stoop down to their level,hwag matakot kung nasa tama naman, ipagdasal din po natin na sana maliwanagan ang kanilang pagiisip…

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  9. File the case para matuto. A written complaint will make them think deeper and reflect on what they did to you and your family. That’s what we did when thugs attacked nephew in nearby Solano and broke his jaw. Nasa kulungan na sila at wala din naman palang pang piyansa.

    The law is our shield as migrants in a place where unschooled people reign. Kahit papano, ayaw ng politiko na maging kamag-anak ang taong maging putik sa kanyang pangalan balang araw. The mayor needs our votes, and hopefully, would help keep the peace.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your nephew. Good you were able to put them in jail.

      I totally agree. We have filed the case at the fiscal’s office this morning. Hopefully the court hearings won’t take long and it won’t turn into a political war as well.

      All we want is for the neighborhood to be safe again. Although of course, I have placed my family in danger just by pursuing this case. We just pray that God will protect the innocent.


  10. My son stopped going to the prominent school in Bayombong after a gang had been consistently calling him an lfugao. He explained that being an lfugao should not shame him because he was born and resides there and he is an llocano… Just to stop them he hit one of the boys… Then he was hunted… Bullied and worst threatened… He transferred school and his transfer meant adjustment in abode environment and expenses…
    Why make tribes as point of differences? Do we deride them of being Gaddangs too?

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    1. This is what we want the community to know, that we are making the lives of the young people more difficult because of racial/tribal discrimination.

      The only reason why others can’t ridicule me during my school years in Bayombong is because I was on top of the class. But whenever I tell them that I am from the Balangao tribe, they would not even believe me. Like it was an impossible statement 😦


  11. Its early Monday now, honestly I seldom open Taga Bayombong… andI don’t know what made me do so this early.
    I am worried after reading your open letter. I can not believe this is happening in Barangay Salvacion nowadays, (but of course I believevyou).
    It was mentioned that the guy is connected to LANTION, your mayor.That would be the reason why he is such, that even the policemen were not respected,….he is being protected.
    I just hope you slept well last night without any trouble from anybody of his family.
    Why not go direct to your mayor this morning and see what he could do.
    Praying for your safety. Hold on to the Lord.

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    1. Thank you for dropping a message. We were very scared last night but the police officers of Bayombong made us feel safe. They were going around the area every now and then and sounding their patrol car to assure us that they were there. It was very helpful.

      We just filed the case this morning and the Indigenous People leadership is helping me out as well. Eventually, we would go to the mayor’s office. Thanks for the prayers, we need that badly.


  12. God is with you! Do not be afraid to fight these Goliaths in the community… Be the David who with your simple sling shot stops this nastiness. Involve the tanods.. Relatives who were there but could not stop them and d whole gang. You deserve peace and quiet in your abode 24/7.
    My son had to leave school years ago because of d same discriminating act. We are llocanos residing in lfugao but had to suffer with these peaceful tribes while in N Viz.
    I will follow this case through your blog.


    1. Thanks a lot for the message. Indeed, the Lord is our Shepherd and we rest in the knowledge that He will protect his own. It’s sad to hear about your experience. I am fighting this war in behalf of everyone who had to go thru discrimination in one way or another.


  13. You have reported this incident already by going thru’ the proper channels. I f no action is done to address the problem then go to the next or higher authorities. Since it is mentioned that the perpetrators are friends or have connections with the mayor, it is right to seek the next level which is maybe the Governor? I don’t know but get some legal advise. Most of all, be careful and stay safe but do not step down to their level. It is really bad that this is happening in that corner of our country when nothing has been heard of discrimination or segregation when I was growing up. It is a shame and embarrassing because of such behavior when our region was known to be respectful and peaceful people then we get nasty treatment from a neighbor from Nueva vizcaya (sorry to the rest of Nuevo vizcayanos. I have lot of friends from there who are good people) There are bad apples among the good ones in any group.This must be an isolated case ..a sign of major disrespectful upbringing or illiteracy. Thank you for showing your decency and civility because that is how we are people from the Cordillera … educated! you have the right to seek lawful help as a citizen and stand on your grounds!

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    1. Thank you so much. We have been receiving overwhelming support from some of the local government leaders. The case has been filed at the fiscal’s office today so we hope the process won’t be long and dreary.

      Indeed, we are educated and that’s how we will fight today. Not just for this case’s perpetrators but also for the national awareness of regional/racial/tribal discrimination in the Philippines.


  14. I’m also from bayombong its very sad that people like that still exist….best solution kill them tie to their neck drug pusher or user automatic case close


  15. taga bayombong din ako nkakalungkot isipin na meron paring mga ganyan na tao matatapang lng nman cla kasi madami cla at nkainom dapat sa mga yan tinutumba na din at lagyan na lng ng tali sa leeg na pusher at user automatic case close

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  16. I’ve just read ur story and it was annoying. Those people must pay for their misdeeds.its the right to pursue the case,otherwise when you let go of this, they will never learn their lessons..good luck and stay safe.

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    1. Doc, salamat. Oonga, just when she has her BP and sugar controlled, now she has a new trauma to take care of. I feel sad for her, for years, she has been kept awake by the neighborhood noise.


  17. Praying for you and your family. After 20 years, things over there seems to have not changed. That’s horrible and so barbaric. I hope authorities will get their acts together and demonstrate that they are efficient and capable.

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  18. Darlina, ur opinion of our president is so dumbfounded…

    Anu gusto mo mangyare? Balik tayo sa dati na delikado maglakad sa gabe dahil sa mga adik? Mga adik na nangrarape kahit sanggol bata?
    Bilibid na me jacusi at mga droga pera sa bilibid? Mga pulis sangkot sa droga? Mga pultiko sangkot sa droga? Habang araw araw maraming namamatay na inosente na kagagawan ng mga adik?
    Sa panahon ni panot 35 per day namamatay na inosente
    Ngaun, 35 din per day namamatay na adik. Mas gusto ko adik ang patay kada araw kesa inosente!
    Dumadaan ako sa gabe ngaun at wala na yung mga dating tambay sa kalye, inde ko n rin makita yung mga kilala kong adik sa amin. Wala na rin naglalasing sa kalye!

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  19. Ifugao din ako, kapitbahay mo sa salvacion. Parang unbelievable yang kwento mo. Your name? Sino yung kapitbahay mo?

    Wala ng gago sa salvacion. There is no more culture of drugs, gangs and bullies d2 sa atin. Why do i say so? We are a pioneer settler in the heart of bayombong. I grew up here. Since duterte, wala na mga addict lassinggero dito. So disagree with ur assessment of culture of violence. Isolated lng yan.

    Kung yang kapitbahay mo gago sa inyo. Pursue the case against him, titino yan pag malakas evidence mo. Wala ka nmn kc name and contact number? Panu kita matutulungan?


    1. Dear anonymous, If you go to my profile page and to my facebook account, you will know all my information. This testimonial has been corroborated by the police and we have a dozen live witnesses.


  20. Let’s form neighborhood watch programs like the Guardians. The law abiding residents of Vizcaya should not be terrorized by these bullies.


  21. Hi, Vi. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I am praying for your safety and for a peaceful end to these acts of hate. We haven’t talked since our football days with Coach B and our Block E shenanigans, but know you are always in our thoughts! ❤

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  22. Your right our province not peaceful already … I hope your family keep safe… And no one hurts except ur house.. Discrmination still excist not only tribe also powers and rights.. I pray for your safetyness.. For now. Keep our family awy from them.. Make a way to solve ur case..

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  23. Not only that, uttering threats is punishable by the law. Even the barangay captain should be investigated why they did not respond during the incident.


  24. Thats life-threatening. I myself many times experienced such arrogance and discrimination. Those people are marked.. There’s no space for oppressors and racist especially those kind in this world. They just dont know who we are and how we work things.. Keep us posted on the developments of ur filing of case against them. If it wont work the legal way, then there’s the other way…
    Haggiyo cordillera…!!!!

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    1. In my dreams, i would have summoned all the headhunters of our tribes. But then again, reality dictates we try to be civilized. I will be posting updates on this same article. Thanks a lot, Aliguyon! Appreciated!


  25. Awww this is soooo outrageous what the hell this people are thinking of themselves??? We are better treated here abroad then by these foreigners than your own neighbors there.. May God keep u all safe fr. No less than ur own neighbors

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  26. Racist strikes😡😡… This is so outrageous, I can’t contain my anger at these people who try to put down their fellow but can’t see that their lives are worst than the people they are trying to humiliate.. Such acts of violence cannot be ignored.. They must be punished for what they did to you..

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  27. Art. 155 Revised Penal Code. Alarms and Scandal,
    C. Disturbing the public peace while wandering about at night or while engaged in other nocturnal activity.
    Examples are:
    1). shouting at night even if by a vendor

    2). holding a party in one’s house but with loud music

    3). partying or quarreling in the street; These are some bases for your complaint.


    1. Please request the police to have the suspect undergo drug test. It is unlikely for a person to do such horrible things if not under the influence of drugs.

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    2. Please be very careful and vigilant, these people are unpredictable. You may report them also to Mayor Lantion of Bayombong, these people claim to be buddies of the Mayor.

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    3. So WHAT? law is useless. Written words.. not implemented!. When a president allows murders, call for murders, Encourages murders,protect policemen who murder INSIDE jail cells, and praises the most racist murderer in history, Hitler, the rest follows!


  28. File a case against the Punong barangay for not doing their job at the ombudsman court and also include the LGU for not not protecting your family as a citizen and as a tax payer. It is our right to live peacefully.

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    1. To be fair, they were able to make up after this has gone viral. I do appreciate the help they have been giving us. I just hope they follow through until the end.


  29. As an Ifugao who was born and raised in Nueva Vizcaya, I have experienced all kinds of discrimination as well. It does exist. These days, I only come home during the holidays so I do not experience what I had on a daily basis when I was still a student there. It’s sad, though, that things have not changed since I left Bayombong 19 years ago. I empathise with you and what your family may be going through.

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    1. Hi Larsen, I have just got back from other countries as well and I am equally shocked at these kind of discrimination in NuViz. I know it’s not the general population but we suspect there is drugs involved as well. They were just too strong for the police, there was no respect for the authority.

      Thanks for reaching out. Thanks for the support.


  30. Please becarfull of those people as they will not stop
    If they make noise again don’t try to stop them and try to manage your life for that
    I wish everything will be ok for you and your family
    I don’t know how can I help you from my place here maybe just pray for your safe

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    1. Hatem, it’s really scary 😦 Thanks for the message and for praying. We need that a lot now, especially that everyone else is in the UAE. Big hugs, big brother.


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