South Korea: The Departure

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I originally intended to stay in Seoul for 4 days. But because I arrived on the first days of winter, my desert body was literally frozen for a few days. I extended my trip because I needed time to defrost. Haha.seoul weather

I ended up staying for 2 weeks and experienced all sorts of weather – foggy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy – but with the winter cold as constant. While packing on my last day, I regretted not extending for a longer period. There was so much more to discover!

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My host dropped me off at the subway early in the morning. I love how convenient the train system was. The AREX line brings you straight to the airport.

cheap flights to seoul cheap flights to seoul cheap flights to seoul cheap flights to seoulTravel tip: always find your gate first before wandering around the airport. You might think your gate is near and use up your waiting time doing shopping and eating. Then later find out that it takes another train ride to get there. Also, some gate numbers are changed at the last minute. It’s best if you’re around for the flights to seoul One last hurrah!cheap flights to seoul cheap flights to seoul

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Annyeong, SoKor. I shall return!cheap flights to seoul cheap flights to seoul

Thank you, Air Asia for the good flights to seoulTouchdown in the hot and humid Philippines!
cheap flights to seoulAfter this trip, it made me realize how sad the Philippines has become compared to Japan and Korea, considering that in the 60s, we were Asia’s shining star, the Pearl of the Orient and the envy of these nations.

Still, I thank God for the opportunity to experience the richness of these neighbouring countries. I wonder if in my lifetime I’d be able to see the Philippines in its glory days, like it once was.


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