Quick Visit at CCF Abu Dhabi

As far as I know, it’s our Senior Pastor’s first visit in CCF Abu Dhabi. I am happy that I am in the UAE for this.

I haven’t seen my church family in months and I can’t wait to give everybody a hug!

ccf abu dhabi

The Abu Dhabi team has worked hard preparing for this special day.

ccf abu dhabi

It’s inspiring to still see my brother Leo heading the Singles Ministry and my sister Joy leading the Youth Ministry, plus singing in the Worship Team.
ccf abu dhabi

Almost all my Dgroup siblings are voluntarily serving in various ministries. What a joy seeing them use their skills and talents to bless others.ccf abu dhabi

Pastor Peter delivered a powerful and relevant message about what to do during times of disappointments – that is to always trust God.ccf abu dhabi

It was so nice to be reunited with them for even just a day.ccf abu dhabi

The hall was filled with warm hugs, hushed screams of excitement, and unending I-miss-yous…
ccf abu dhabi

ccf abu dhabi ccf abu dhabi

It makes a big difference having a church family (and a small group) when working or living abroad. They will be your strength, encouragement and accountability partners in life.
ccf abu dhabi

While my sibs and all the other leaders enjoyed dinner with Pastor Peter and Sister Deona…

ccf abu dhabi

ccf abu dhabi

…I was nanny for the evening! My nephews and nieces are growing up so fast. Ahh, time flies!

ccf abu dhabi

Watch how many jumps and hugs (and punches) I gave today!

ccf abu dhabi facebook


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