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UPDATE: June 2017.  Check out the donations we have received at the end of this page. Thank you so much for the support!


I cannot count the many friendships, adventures and life lessons I gained by playing football. Some of my closest friends are my teammates and most of my happiest travels are my football-related trips.

I wish I can pass on the same passion and opportunities I experienced to the younger generation.

etihad ladies football

When I came back to the Philippines months ago, I was happy to see my hometown’s football team still alive.nuviz-football-team (1)

But it saddened me to see players without shoes, goalkeepers with dying gloves and tattered balls being kicked around.

Though football has existed in our province since 1986, it has been a constant struggle to get funds for equipment and tournaments. There were good years and there were bad years.

nuviz-football-team (1)

Today, the NuViz Football Club is kept alive by a continuous stream of newbies and veteran players coming together every afternoon to play. They train daily despite the lack of financial support, adequate facilities and proper equipment.nuviz-football-team (1)

They welcome everyone, regardless of status, skills and age!

The best part of all are the values learned by the younger ones through the drills and games: fair play, dedication and teamwork.nuviz-football-team (1)

That being said, I’d like to shamelessly rally my teammates, friends and friends of friends to donate some of your unused football gears to help keep this team running.

Your old shoes, uniforms, balls, gloves, pumps, cones or any unused football gears will be a big help for them.

nuviz-football-team (1)

Kick off those old shoes and make room for new blessing in your life!


Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

June 2017 – From Vanessa Baltao and Harold Maduro

May 2017 – From the Etihad Airways Men’s Football Team (Abu Dhabi)

May 2017 – From Che Octubre (Abu Dhabi)

 January 2017 – from Luis Gonzales, Dax Daquioag, Sam & Violet Elrays

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all!

Nuviz football Club


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