New Zealand: The Flight

I’ve been waiting for this trip for the longest time and I’m glad my mom flew back from Abu Dhabi just in time to say goodbye.

I’m also grateful for my kids who helped me rush-pack for the past days. Now I’m all set to go!

Manila flights to New Zealand

When I reached the airport I realized I left my hand-carry luggage inside the car that dropped me off. Thankfully, I was able to get it back just in time for boarding.

Read about how GrabCar returned my luggage here.

Manila flights to New Zealand

I’ve been sleepless for the past week so I dreaded the 19 hours of travel time ahead. Big thanks to the check-in staff, she gave me an extra legroom seat for the first segment of my flight.Manila flights to New Zealand

It was my first time to fly Economy again on a long haul flight, after years of enjoying Etihad’s Business Class services. But I’m not complaining. 😛

Manila flights to New ZealandHere was my China Southern Airlines welcome:

Cabin crew saw me trying to store my luggage above my seat.
Her: This one is full. Follow me, we put your bag in another place.
Me: Ok. (Quietly followed her then bent down to fix my bag)
Her: (Annoyed) Lady, can you please move to the side so people can pass.
Me: Ok. (I moved inside one of the seat rows and handed her my bag)
Her: (After storing my bag) What is your seat number? (Sternly) That is not your seat.
Me: (A bit confused) I know, you asked me to move aside. My seat is over there.
Her: (Very sternly) Please go back to your seat.

From then on, she kept telling me off. Until now, I don’t understand what I did wrong. Haha.

Manila flights to New Zealand

The seats were comfy but there was no inflight entertainment. It would have been ok if the airline allowed phones or gadgets on air. But they didn’t. So I just stared into space the whole time, while drifting in and out of sleep.

The food was tasty but wasn’t great. I had to quickly take these photos before Cruella de Crew sees me again. 😛

Manila flights to New Zealand

2 hours or so later, we landed in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China. The first leg of my journey was done!

Manila flights to New Zealand

I was looking forward to a quiet layover so I can do some writing, but the charging stations were centralized. I didn’t have enough energy to walk around and find a more comfortable spot. Besides, I was scared I might doze off somewhere and miss my boarding call.

Unfortunately, it was peak time at the airport and I was stuck in a marketplace! Surrounded by a crowd of loud voices and various smells, I wanted to fast-forward the night.

Manila flights to New Zealand

I liked the airport’s water station. But the tiny cups made me wish I brought my coffee tumbler with me.

Manila flights to New Zealand

After 4 hours of trying to keep my eyes awake, it was time to board again!

Manila flights to New Zealand

11.5 hours more to go ’till my final destination…

Manila flights to New Zealand

This flight had better food. I liked their chicken with couscous meal.

I wanted to work on my laptop but it was a no-gadgets flight again. So in between my restless sleep, I entertained myself with my favorite Korean actor. Happy they had K-movies onboard. ❤

Manila flights to New Zealand

After what seemed like forever, we finally landed in Auckland! XieXie, China Southern!

Manila flights to New Zealand

First thing I noticed upon touchdown is how the sky, the air and the view reminded me of Switzerland.

The immigration officer was kind and the customs officer let me through without trouble. I rolled my bags out into the arrivals area and found my personalized meet and greet.

Thanks for picking me up, Ate Merlou. ❤

Manila flights to New ZealandThis is it! Another adventure has started.

Manila flights to New ZealandKia ora!



4 thoughts on “New Zealand: The Flight

  1. more of this please while you’re at NZ. hope you have more time now to muni muni with your new environment. good luck!!! may NZ offer you the best life has to offer!

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