Wellington: Flight and Arrival

flight auckland to wellington

Prior to this trip, I thought Auckland was New Zealand’s capital city. No, it isn’t.

flight auckland to wellington

Although second to Auckland as the most populous urban area, Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city.

My childhood friend Shellah, and her friend Vikka, invited me to join them for an overnight trip to this cosmopolitan city.

flight auckland to wellington

When within New Zealand, Wellington is accessible by air, train, car, ferry or cruise ships.

flight auckland to wellington

We flew Jetstar Airways and the service was ok for the 1 hour flight.

flight auckland to wellington


First thing I noticed was the airport sign. I’ve heard that Wellington is a hub of creative people, but I didn’t expect them to be this clever.

flight auckland to wellington

Welcome to the Middle of Middle Earth!

flight auckland to wellington

They have a massive eagle sculpture inside the airport. Hello, Gandalf!

wellington airport LOTR

I was told that the airport is famous for other LOTR and Hobbit sculptures in the past years. I Googled and found these…

wellington airport LOTRCool aye?

flight auckland to wellington

Out in the streets…
flight auckland to wellington

Because I was sick that time, I just wanted hot soup for lunch. We ended up having a big meal. :Pflight auckland to wellingtonflight auckland to wellingtonHappy tummy, happy kids. What’s next?






3 thoughts on “Wellington: Flight and Arrival

    1. Yeah, story of my life. I just want soup and end up a full meal. I just want siomai and would end up in a Chinese buffet. I just want a plate of sushi and would end up devouring a full Japanese bento box with Ramen with dessert pa!


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