Embassy of the Philippines in Wellington: Outstanding Service!

PHILIPPINE EMBASSY IN NEW ZEALANDphilippine embassy new zealand wellington

If you’re a Filipino and you’ve lived and worked overseas, you’d definitely be familiar with horror stories about our embassies.philippine embassy new zealand wellington

But today, the Embassy of the Philippines in Wellington, New Zealand receives a golden award with confetti from me and my friends!
philippine embassy new zealand wellington

From outside, the embassy looks like a normal house. As you go in, you feel a certain warmth that is not always present in our embassies or other government structures around the globe.philippine embassy new zealand wellington

From the moment we entered the door, up to the time we said goodbye – the staff and the service were commendable!philippine embassy new zealand wellington

The staff at the door was all smiles. He gave us helpful instructions and went out of his way to make us feel comfortable.

I was amazed at how “crowded” it was. I’ve heard that the online appointments are efficient that they don’t get swamped.philippine embassy new zealand wellington

The officers at the counter listened well to each person in line and handled matters in a professional way. Their approach was personal and I felt their genuine desire to help out.philippine embassy new zealand wellington

I actually had no business here except to take photos and observe (and criticize – sadly, the norm for Filipinos in any government facility).

But because the officers at the counter were so accommodating, I couldn’t help but line up and ask my own questions about processing something.philippine embassy new zealand wellington

In less than an hour, our passport renewal, NBI-related concerns and other queries were done!philippine embassy new zealand wellington

Having lived overseas for some years, this is the first time that an embassy made me feel like a human being, like my concerns really mattered to them.

The best part is when they would ask, what else could they help me with – transport, extra forms and contact numbers. Wow, just wow!philippine embassy new zealand wellington

The sad reality is, we have many good people working in our embassies around the world. But we lack so much support, funding and strategies from our government to keep our systems running well and our people smiling.

But if New Zealand can do it, then the others can do it to.philippine embassy new zealand wellingtonSo that we can truly say, it’s “More Fun in the Philippines”… embassies.


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