Wellington: New Zealand Parliament

new zealand parliamentOn our way back to the hostel from the Philippine Embassy in Wellington, my friends and I passed by the New Zealand Parliament Buildings.

From left to right: The Bowen House, The Beehive, Parliament House and the Parliamentary Library.

new zealand parliament

I don’t like politics that much – in government, in the workplace or in the ministry. I try to stay far away from it as possible.

So when my friends wanted to go inside the Parliament building, I wasn’t enthusiastic at all.new zealand parliament

But when you’re with friends, you can’t be selfish. So I went in with them anyway. Besides, it was a free tour and I love anything free!new zealand parliament

An hour later, I came out of that building a “heavier” person! I felt like my brain was saturated with historical, political and parliamentary processes.

I was thankful I went in and did the guided tour.new zealand parliament

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside, so here’s a peek from the virtual tour on their website.new zealand parliament tour

I learned about the history of the buildings (destroyed by fire, half-built and restored), what happens when the House sits, the chamber where the queen can’t enter, the democratic processes and how the Kiwis can be involved in running their nation.new zealand parliamentnew zealand parliamentnew zealand parliamentI envy the transparency and how much the government encourages their citizens to actively participate in creating, shaping and evaluating their laws.

I wish we had that in my country.new zealand parliament

If you’re in Wellington, don’t miss out on the free tours of the Parliament. You can book in advance or just walk in. Schedules are posted on their website.new zealand parliament

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin


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