Rotorua: Kuirau Park

rotorua kuirau park

Rotorua is a regional hotspot of geothermal activity.rotorua kuirau park

In the heart of this city is Kuirau Park, New Zealand’s only free geothermal public park.rotorua kuirau park


One of its many features is a steaming bubbling thermal lake. Walking tracks lead you to areas of dynamic thermal activities.rotorua kuirau parkrotorua kuirau park

New eruptions occur from time to time, but it’s generally safe as long as visitors remain on the pathways and the cool side of the safety fences.

rotorua kuirau park

rotorua kuirau park

Wooden bridges allow you to walk over boiling waters. The experience was thrilling and spooky at the same time!rotorua kuirau park

Imagine walking through a whirlpool of steam rising from a sizzling lake. I felt like I was in one of those Disney movies, a villain surrounded by swirling smoke.

rotorua kuirau park

The smell of sulfur and the sound of hissing waters made it more bewitching! It easily became one of my favorite Rotorua experiences.rotorua kuirau park

Read the interesting legend why the God’s were so angry that they made the lake boil…rotorua kuirau park


Apart from the crater lake, beautiful gardens, mud pools, hot springs, barbecue picnic area and children’s playground, Kuirau Park offers a free foot pool.rotorua kuirau park foot spa

Sit, soak and think of everything or nothing at all.rotorua kuirau park foot spa

The area overlooks a serene pond and it feels like the cleansing of your feet reaches the soul as well.

rotorua kuirau park foot sparotorua kuirau park foot spa

Thank you, dear friend, for bringing me to places like this! rotorua kuirau park foot spa


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