Rotorua: The Departure

rotorua tourism It’s my last day in New Zealand’s volcanic wonderland.

I’m saying goodbye to shooting geysers, dramatic sceneries and the smell of rotten eggs. Yes, this Sulfur City does smell a little funny.

rotorua tourism

But no doubt, Rotorua is a nature lover’s playground –  from endless lakes to native forests, thermal baths to cultural exploits, biking to hiking – you’ll find a range of adventures here.

rotorua tourism

rotorua tourism

Our last meal before Shellah drops me off at the bus station.rotorua tourism

Taking the ManaBus back to Auckland. Bookings and tickets are all done online, so convenient.rotorua manabus

I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of this greenery.rotorua tourism

After 4 hours, I’m back home just in time for midnight snacks!panmure auckland


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