Christmas Carols in the Car Park

These are my cousins, Hallel and Ellis. They both are younger than me, but here in New Zealand, they are my “guardians”.

Ellis hallel solangHallel is my uncle’s (mom’s brother) only daughter. Growing up, we didn’t have the chance to get to know each other. Only in Auckland were we reunited and discovered a promising friendship.

She is the ultimate introvert. She might kill me if she sees her photos and videos go public. That I am willing to risk, just because I want my world to know how awesome she is!

violet hallel bangilan cousins

I don’t sing. But I love practicing my bragging rights, because I have a family of singers.

Tonight, my cousins were part of a Christmas Carols show for the community. It was a free serenade from their church to everyone who wants to sit and listen.

mangere christmas carol

Of course I was there, because of this, them and my love for the Savior of the Season.mangere christmas carol

The sight of them singing together, the husband playing the instrument (mind you, he has an awesome voice too) and the wife leading the vocals, made me cry a little. I was so proud!

mangere christmas carol

See video here:

I knew how shy and nervous Hallel was before the show. It took her so much courage just to stand up front. But she prayed her fears away and did it! Not only did she sang like a pro, she also painted the night with a gleeful vibe.

mangere christmas carol

Do you feel like you have a talent that can help or encourage others? Stop doubting yourself. Hone it. Use it. Flaunt it.

Because if you use your gift correctly, God gets the glory.

mangere christmas carol

The truth is, God smiles when you use the gifts that he’s given you. When you’re doing what you were wired and shaped to do, God says, “That’s so cool! I created them to do that!” – Rick Warren.


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