Grateful for my New Zealand Family and Friends


What I am most thankful for this 2017

bangilan cousins in new zealand


My journey to New Zealand was highly motivated by kuya Nowell, ate Merlou and their family.

mount ruapehu new zealand

They were my all-out support, from my pre-flight preparations to my airport arrival to my squatting in their home for 2 months!

legano lucasi new zealand

They fed me, brought me to places, welcomed me into their church family and slowly inducted me into the Kiwi culture.

legano kids new zealandShellah brought me to places that made me want to never leave.
redwoods rotorua


Because of Kuya Eugene, ate Chiqui and their kids, I felt like the spirit of my CCF Abu Dhabi family followed me to this part of the world.

Villapana family new zealand

I would crash at their home when I wanted a ride to church. They would pray with me, mentor me and feed me like crazy.

Villapana family new zealand

Like this crazy!Villapana family new zealand


Before coming to Auckland, I wasn’t that close to my cousins Gernon, Hallel and Ellis. We grew up in different places and had minimal contact through the years.

bangilan cousins

I stayed with them for a week during my first month here and I fell in love with them instantly!

home in auckland

God is funny sometimes. In the vastness of New Zealand, what are the odds that my new workplace was just 7 minutes away from their house.

When I started work, I became their new housemate and I get to see them everyday.

home in auckland

I like that the house is full of music, prayers and funny jokes. Through the weeks we have learned much from each other.

We appreciate our parents more and the way they brought us up in Christian homes.

bangilan cousins in new zealand


In my almost 4 months in this country, I have met people who touched my life in one way or another.

friends in auckland friends in auckland friends in auckland friends in auckland friends in auckland friends in auckland friends in aucklandThank you for the colors you added to the start of my Middle Earth adventure!

neil legano


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