Grateful for my New Job


What I am most thankful for this 2017

skids mascot weymouth

I am grateful for my NEW job.

My boss is the kindest! How can someone so awesome be so down-to-earth. I have a lot to learn from her.

skids rainbows end

On my first day of work, she invited me over at her house for a meal. adobo new zealand

We had chicken adobo for lunch, plus the view of the cool blue sea.

howick new zealand

In my few months as a tourist, I’ve heard (and seen a bit) of the kindness of New Zealanders. When I started working, that claim was absolutely validated.

skids staff new zealand

I’m so used to feeling an ounce of discrimination or a bit of resistance from people every time I join a new team. I was mentally and emotionally ready for this.

But from the first week of work until today, my new workmates had been nothing but warm and helpful to the newbie.

skids staff new zealand

With my new work, I get to see fun places…

skids staff new zealand skids staff new zealand

I get to reconnect with the creative side of me…

I get to experience new and scary things…

Like being a mascot for a day!skiddy skids mascot weymouth

Getting this job seemed like an impossible feat when I started my New Zealand journey. It wasn’t easy. I went through nights of crying, surrendering, bargaining and crying again. And just when I thought nothing’s happening, God orchestrated everything to fall into place.

lake rotoiti new zealand

There are still days when I don’t want to wake up anymore. There are moments when I ask myself, “why do I have to keep on working?”.

skids weymouthI have learned that if you see your job only as a source of income, stature and pleasure, your motivation will soon die.

But if you see your job as a platform for your passion and purpose, then each day will bring something new for you.


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