Kuala Lumpur: Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2

A REVIEW OF THE CAPSULE @KLIA2capsule container hotel klia2

“Hop into an ultramodern sleeping pod to grab some rest on your wait ’till your next flight out. These compact sleeping chambers are smartly designed for transit travelers and backpackers on-the-go.”

capsule container hotel klia2


The Capsule is located on Level 1 of Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2). It’s on the same floor as the taxi and transportation hub of the airport.

It’s just a few minutes walk after checking out of immigration and customs.

capsule container hotel klia2


Staff were all smiles and checking in was a breeze.

Note: A tourism tax of MYR10 will be charged on top of the existing 10% service charge and 6% GST. Check your booking details to know more.

capsule container hotel klia2

The experience explained in 7 simple steps…

capsule container hotel klia2


Storage lockers are located outside the capsule rooms. capsule container hotel klia2


Connected to the check-in counter is a simple bar and beverage corner.

They have no restaurant or dining service but food shops are everywhere. Since you are inside the airport, you can just walk around.

capsule container hotel klia2


The room areas, which are divided into male, female and mix, are accessible through a key card access system.capsule container hotel klia2

The room types to choose from are single, queen and suite. The look and feel is like a homey warehouse – modern, minimal and artsy.

capsule container hotel klia2


The capsules are surprisingly spacious. capsule container hotel klia2

Your room has a phone (best used for a wake-up call), a socket, lights and a storage space.

The best feature they have is free Wi-Fi! I was able to download enough K-drama episodes for my long flight the next day.capsule container hotel klia2 An amenity bag includes your towel, dental kit and water. Slippers and earplugs are available upon request.

capsule container hotel klia2

A curtain-blinds gives you the privacy you need. Obviously, this doesn’t drown out all the noises around.

capsule container hotel klia2 COMFORT

The wooden panels and lighting complemented the soft bed and cushy pillows. This stylish cave was snug and comfy!

Knowing it was in the airport, I already expected noises here and there. Yet, I was still able to get a good sleep.capsule container hotel klia2


The toilet is cleaned on schedule. Basic amenities are provided: tissue, soap, shampoo and a hair dyer.

capsule container hotel klia2

capsule container hotel klia2


Available outside the reception counter is a shower on-the-go facility. For a price, non-hotel guests who are on the run can quickly freshen up.

capsule container hotel klia2


I love the CHG website! It’s simple and user-friendly. You can book a stay for six to twelve hours only. See prices here.

Rooms are not cheap but here’s what you save on: the cost of transport if booking a hotel outside the airport, the time spent in transferring, and the stress of finding a good spot should you choose to spend your transit time inside the airport.

capsule container hotel klia2 THE EXPERIENCE

It’s perfect if you have no other intention but to nap, sleep (light) or recharge for your flight. You won’t be disappointed if you set your mind on receiving just the basic amenities and services.capsule container hotel klia2

Don’t expect first class treatments and leave your snobby attitude at home!




3 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur: Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2

  1. Maliit lang pala ang storage locker. I wish the capsule had a sturdier “door.” Kahit yung accordion type na pwedeng i-lock. I remember arriving early at KLIA for my connecting flight and just sleeping on the carpeted floor with a lot of other passengers. My beautiful wool shawl disappeared from inside the top of my backpack though.


    1. Yeah, maliit pero they can accomodate extra luggages. I had 2 extra luggages which they kept in another storage. Oonga, the door idea would we good din. Buti nalang all the “doors” are facing a wall, so at least hindi naman ibang room yung kaharap mo, kundi, awkward. Haha. Wow, it must have been a really beautiful shawl if it disappeared just like that. 😦 Wish I can travel with you one day, ate!


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