#DepressionKills 1

depression is realDon’t tell me I don’t look depressed.


4 thoughts on “#DepressionKills 1

  1. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your web-space while looking for a good place in Abu Dhabi to buy cheap books. You wrote about thrift store once. Thanks to you, I was able to continue reading.

    I then explored your webspace more, trying to know you more. That was just out of curiosity. Please do not call me a stalker :p.

    Post going through almost all of your posts here, I can get a gist of what you are going through.

    We all make mistakes in our life. Some of our choices hurt us. But there is happiness even in it. Cherish what you have. This is not an end for you. You still have beauty, you still have grace. You have not lost anything. It is just that people have moved on. some to other worlds and some to other preferences.

    You should not brood upon the past glories. Times have passed, these are new days. Find a reason to smile. Take up a hobby, get obsessed with something. Something productive, something that will make you happy.

    Be content with what god has given you. Eat well, sleep well and pray well. do not torture yourself.

    Lastly, stay happy!

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    1. What a heartwarming message. One of the best things in life are sincere words from strangers and “stalkers” who cheer you on in the darkest of days. Thank you for taking time to write me this, I sleep tonight with a smile on my face 🙂


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