Preparing for My Solo Flight



paragliding philippines Read Day 1 here.

It’s day 2 in the scorching hot Carmona fly site.

paragliding philippines

The day started with a tandem flight. In a tandem flight, the pilot does all the hard work and the passenger just sits and enjoys the flight.paragliding philippines

Pyro spent the first few minutes explaining wind conditions and how the glider works. He then took my hands and let me feel how the lines controlled the wings.

paragliding philippines

At first, we held the lines together, then he slowly released his hands without me noticing! See how his hands slowly let go? Smart guy, ey?paragliding philippinesparagliding philippines

It was an amazing feeling being in control even for just a few seconds.paragliding philippines

In the afternoon, we did more ground handling, until I ran out of breath and nearly died of a heat stroke. Haha.
paragliding philippines paragliding philippines

In the evening we sat down for some theory lessons. The language barrier was a bit of a challenge, but thank God for pictures, I was able to grasp what I needed to know.paragliding philippines I ended the day with a tan and I slept all bruised, but not broken.

As I dozed off that night, a sudden pang of sadness washed over me again. With the last ounce of energy left in me, I dug into my brain and pulled out the happy memory of the day.

I had something to look forward to tomorrow. Keep breathing.

paragliding philippines

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for My Solo Flight

  1. Nakikita mo ba yung mga gumagalaw na tao pag nag-skydive ka? Yung malilit na tao na yun isa ako sa nabago yung buhay dahil sa testimony mo and for sharing God’s word. Yung majority ng nakakakilala sayo nag-look up sayo kase alam nila na back-up mo si God at yung mga natitira yun yung challenge pa sayo ni Lord. Mahal ka ni Lord ❤

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