My First Paragliding (Assisted) Solo Flight



paragliding philippines READ DAY 1 HERE | DAY 2 HERE

It’s Day 3 of my paragliding beginner’s course.

After 2 days of tandem flights and ground handling lessons, my instructor decided it was time for me to fly on my own, but with his assistance, through radio control.
paragliding philippines

I was scarecited that day! My heart was pounding loudly but my legs were crazily excited!

Before going up the hill, I hesitated. I felt like I couldn’t do it. I asked Pyro, “Do you really think I can fly by myself today?” Without a flicker of doubt, he said yes.

So up we went!
paragliding philippines

Here’s a drone shot of the Carmona take-off site, a historic landmark of my flying career.
paragliding philippines

To be honest, while preparing for take off, I had no confidence in what I was about to do. But Pyro was so positive, he gave me the push I needed.

One moment I was running and the next thing I knew, I was up in the air. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

paragliding philippines

This is what I love about paragliding, the quiet peace that comes after the take-off. But I painted the sky with my noise that morning. I was singing and screaming in delight!paragliding philippines

I had my new friends cheering for me from the top of the hill and from the field below. The cows did not even bother.paragliding philippines

I cannot explain the rush of emotions I felt being up there in the sky. It was a God-moment.paragliding philippines

When I landed, I had one thing in mind… “I want to do this again”.
paragliding philippines paragliding philippines

I had 2 successful solo flights that day.
paragliding philippines

I also had one failed launch where I crashed and murdered a banana plant. Now I know how Tarzan feels. My fall didn’t hurt at all because the harness and safety gears were made for protection.

But I felt sorry for Pyro and Rainier. It took them ages to rescue my glider. Somewhere in that photo, amongst the trees, was me. That white thing was my wing.

paragliding philippines

The day ended with a happy instructor and a happier student.

What a big difference it is to have one person believe in you, in a moment of self-doubt. Only when I watched my videos did I discover that Pyro actually pushed my harness forward to help me take off.

At that moment, I remembered my dad. Now that I’m older, I look back to the many “pushes” he had done for me that I haven’t appreciated when he was still alive. I remembered my mom and how she continually “pushes” me up to this day.paragliding philippines

In life, nobody really flies solo. We are all products of “pushers” and “crashers”. Your words and actions can either lift someone up or drag them down into a banana field.

Be an encourager today!
paragliding philippines

Watch my first flight and hear me scream!

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