99 Ways to Cheer Up the Depressed: Buy a book



paragliding awesome korea

Since the start of this year, I have lost the ability to read and understand concepts.

In my paragliding course, I have focused on the practical side of flying because no matter how much I tried to read on my lessons, I end up staring into space and wondering what to eat.

paragliding keningau

I feel so frustrated having very low theoretical knowledge of the sport. It didn’t help that the reading materials were all online. Yes, I am a bookworm who still loves smelling and turning pages.

For months, I tried searching for this one recommended book but couldn’t find it in any of the Philippines’ bookstores. So I asked a friend who works in aviation if he knows anyone who could have this book.

He said no he didn’t and then added,

“I will buy the book for you.”

A few weeks later, I received this postal notice…

the art of paragliding

I have heard horror stories of claiming packages from the Philippine Postal Office, but I was ready to fight for my book.
the art of paragliding Thankfully, all I did was pay a handling fee and Dennis Pagen’s “The Art of Paragliding” was in my hands!the art of paragliding

Team Dyer, you guys made me cry. Thank you for your generosity!

dyer family

I haven’t advanced from page 3 yet, but I am looking forward to the day my brain cells wake up then I will devour this manual like crazy!

the art of paraglidingFor now, let me see what’s inside the fridge.


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