Paragliding in South Korea: Yangpyeong Flysite

Today’s paragliding destination was Yangpyeong County.

The agenda was to bring a special guest from Saranggani Province of the Philippines to a fly site near Seoul. Meet Joseph Oncada, a paragliding pilot and instructor who owns and operates Soar High Saranggani, a paragliding fly site in Mindanao. First stop, breakfast!

The weather was a bit gloomy when we arrived at the Yangpyeong paragliding site. Tents of companies who offered tandem flights lined the street. Paralove Paragliding School was our partner for the day since they do not allow private cars to the take-off point.

yangpyeong paragliding

Mr. Manjun, another student of Master Pyro and my favorite “classmate”, was there to fly too.

The ride up the take-off mountain took about 10-15 minutes. There were a lot of tandem and solo pilots that day but the wind was extra moody. I watched how the pilots patiently waited and quickly took off when a good blow of the wind came. It was just a matter of seconds before one loses that opportunity.

yangpyeong paragliding

My instructor decided the wind condition wasn’t good for a beginner pilot. So we did a tandem flight instead. I’ve had so many tandem rides with Pyro and each time is a different experience. But I still can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to fly with him anymore. Haha. Peace, master 😛

paragliding yangpyeong korea

Mr. Manjun’s flying skill has advanced so much. Very impressive!

Despite the erratic wind, Kuya Joseph soared high and flew side by side Korean pilots. Kakaproud!

As we were about to pack up for the day, Batman decided to show up. What a treat! Last stop, dinner!

It was a pleasure meeting you today, Kuya Joseph. Because of you, I made a major decision today. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with me. I hope my skies in the North be as colorful and inspiring as your skies in the South.

Let’s meet again soon!

Watch his flight and be inspired…


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