South Korea: Meeting Friends in Seoul

The winds weren’t in my favor so I packed my bags and went to Seoul. I’ve spent so many days locked in my room and wandering through the countryside, it was time to see the city for a change.

And this was what I found! 😛

itaewon statueA few years back, during one of my travels, I noticed a huge change in me. I surprisingly lost the desire to tour new destinations.

itaewon street seoul

When I travel to one city, I used to go to as many places as I could and learn as many things as I would. But in these past few years, I have lost that thirst. I still love to travel but the intensity to explore has died down.

itaewon street seoul

What I find more appealing now when I travel is talking to people and building relationships. But that’s when I’m in an up mood. When I’m down, you won’t see me or my shadow at all. #BeautifullyBipolar

itaewon street seoul


Yuna, Pyro’s daughter, requested to meet up many times. Today we finally had a night-out together. This lady is so like-able! Hope we get to see more of her in the Philippines.

Paik is their family name. He said wishes he owns the shop. 😛

Yunaya, don’t study too hard, ok. Let’s plan your next vacation already. 😎


I first met ate Joey in 2016 when we went tandem paragliding in Boryeong. She kept in touch through the years and would always ask me out whenever I came to Seoul. itaewon korean food

It was nice listening to her stories and the work she does for the Philippine Embassy in Korea. I am proud of her and the many Filipino workers she has saved from abuse and exploitation. I wish we had more like her in the embassy of a country I shall not name. 🤫 

This was my first time in a BBQ buffet. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know what to eat first! Imagine eating all you can from this splendid array of meat.


This pilot followed me wherever I went. When I escaped to Seoul, he biked his way to the city! Haha. Not really, he had some errands to do and was kind enough to drop by to feed me.

Pilot Im, you’re such a good friend. Because of you I get to constantly eat and choke on spicy food even if I clearly ask, “not spicy for me please”. 😋


When my mood is up, I love being around people. I crave for conversations. I talk nonstop and I laugh a lot. This is the side of me that my friends know. So they’d always be surprised when I tell them I’m depressed.

When someone you know confesses they are suicidal, please don’t take it lightly even if you think it’s out of their character. For mental illness, what you see is NOT what you get.

What has kept me going these days?

What I see is what I eat. I should stop. Really. Haha. 😜


3 thoughts on “South Korea: Meeting Friends in Seoul

  1. “Gusto ko happy ka,” sabi ni Enrile.
    Pag ako nagsabi nun, maniwala ka. Better yet, gusto ko joyful ka. Pero baka mas mahirap maachieve yun. But that is what I always pray for you, joy that the Lover of your soul could give. At sana makita at makasama kita ulit. For now, enjoy every bit of your trip with those wonderful God-sent people! ❤


  2. KKeep fighting anak. T’was great meeting some of your friends here. Pilot Pyro and daughter Yuna. And pilot Im. They are wonderful kind people.


  3. Ate you are looking bright. There is a different light in your eyes sa photos mo. At blooming ka. Something is different and good 😊


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