South Korea: Paragliding trip turned Korean food fiesta

My paragliding trip has officially turned into a food tour.

Not that I’m complaining. I blame my extreme mood swings and the many sleepless nights where all I can think of is the sweetness of death. My body itched to fly solo but my brain kept thinking of dying. #BeautifullyBipolar

So even if Danyang’s scenic landscape was calling me everyday, I resigned to eating. I was here and there, intoxicated with all sorts of local food – the names I cannot pronounce. So I took pictures for me to remember and for you to drool over.


Waking up or coming home to homemade meals was a treat for someone who doesn’t cook.


Jason’s company, Awesome Paragliding adopted me with open arms and fed me like a lost child. From eating lunch in between flights…

To proper meals in a nearby home…

To lavish feasts in town…

They were angels disguised as paragliding pilots!


I didn’t really work, all I did was walk around and annoy Jason with my never-ending questions about flying. But I still got to eat.


Going out for brunch on cold days was painful but rewarding.

Pilot Im is the culprit for spontaneous food trips at night. He would show up at my doorstep and yank me out of bed to go to an acupuncture session. As bribery, we would celebrate with a meal after the needles.


I’ve seen these scenes in K-Drama where family and friends enjoy an outing with a barbeque party.

It felt strange (and good) to actually experience it. While everybody was speaking in Korean, I’d be looking at their faces waiting for my English subtitles to show up. :P

Then I met Julie from Greece. I realized I haven’t spoken to someone in a normal conversation (no translating app or excessive hand signals) for over a month! I felt my tongue wiggling wildly that night. I wished I met her earlier.


The perks of being new in a place in Korea is that you get to be treated often. Food is the best conversation-starters with new friends. I’d love to return the favor when they come visit me too.


Look at this long table of food, food, food!

Happy birthday, Patrick! Thank you for entertaining me all the time.


Having been part of different football teams, I’m used to being within circles of men who drink after trainings or games. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I’ve mastered the art of becoming invisible and targeting the pulutan (food) while my teammates filled their bellies with beer.

I didn’t know this skill will extend to my paragliding life as well.


My last dinner in Danyang happened to be a team dinner with Jason’s Flying Club from Incheon City. Being in a room full of paragliding pilots, I felt so at home even if my heart was beating loudly, anxious of the crowd.

I found this meal fascinating.

After the main dish is devoured, they mixed rice with the sauce and tadaaa, another dish is ready. Where do they get the space to put more food in their tummies?
Cheese rice!

This was how I survived spicy food – washed my food in water 3 times.


When I packed my backs to come to Korea, I didn’t know how I was going to survive. All I knew was that I needed to travel out and get going before the darkness of depression consumed me again.

How amazing is it that God, like in Exodus, sent “manna” for me through bird-like paragliding pilots. And my food wasn’t dropped to the ground but served in dainty Korean dishes.

If people you trust desert you at your time of need, know that there is a God who creates paths where you meet other people who will provide for you – so abundantly that you’ll need to hide behind spring flowers to cover your growing fats.

Thank you, Danyang. ❤


4 thoughts on “South Korea: Paragliding trip turned Korean food fiesta

  1. Ate, I am happy for you! You are one-blessed person and I do always look up on you and thanking God for your life that inspires lots more of down people🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww… thanks a lot 🙂 You can do it too! Sabi nga nila, the more hurt you are, the more understanding you will be, the more stories to tell, the more life to touch ❤


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