South Korea: Airport Love from Double Couple

On my last day in Korea, I was sent off by God-given couples who made this departure worth remembering.


My paragliding pilot friend, Mr. Jeon and his wife volunteered to bring me from Danyang to Incheon Airport.

The night before that, they brought me along to a dinner feast.

Then they opened their home for my last night…

In the morning, they served me breakfast before bringing me to the airport.

At the airport we had coffee first before they dropped me at the Departure Area. That send off was warmer and better than a VIP meet-and-greet service. I cannot thank them enough. ❤


Even when I was fully-fed, because of medicine-related side-effects, as soon as I sat on the plane I felt so hungry.

An hour after take off, I could smell onboard food being served. My stomach grumbled because it knew I had no meals reserved and I had no money to buy one. So I closed my eyes and tried not to breath too much. Haha.

Then I felt my seatmate tapping me. He was slowly opening a variety of homemade snacks and offered me some. I felt so shy but he did not accept no for an answer. He literally, but nicely, shoved food in my face. 😛

We sat there like this: him in the middle, he fed his wife seated on his right, then he’d turn to me and gave me more food. The “process” continued until we were all full.

This couple made my flight meaningful. It was so cute seeing them share their carefully-packed goodies of different kinds.

kind korean people

By the time we landed my tummy was bulging with contentment.

I came into Korea without anything, but from arrival ’till departure, God has led me to people with kindness that made a huge difference to this solo traveller.

Kamsahamnida, Korea. Nĭ hăo, Taiwan.


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