South Korea: Gosu Cave in Danyang

Photos taken summer 2018

gosu caves danyang south korea

My best friend is in town! She and her husband both reside in Canada and were in South Korea for vacation, the same time I was there. They travelled all the way to Danyang to see me and try tandem paragliding.danyang paragliding south korea

Their paragliding flight was scheduled in the afternoon so we had time in the morning to explore some tourist spots in Danyang.gosu caves danyang south korea

단양 고수동굴

Gosudonggul Cave (Gosu Cave) is a colossal limestone cave that features over a hundred different stalactites, stalagmites, underground lakes, cave pearls, and other cave formations.gosu caves danyang south korea

It was named Gosu, which means “field of tall reeds”, because the area used to be surrounded by tall grasses.

After the cave was discovered, rough stone instruments were excavated from the cave’s entrance, showing that this used to be a home to prehistoric people.gosu caves danyang south korea

When my hard drive crashed early this year, I lost all my beautiful pictures of the cave. Nevertheless, here are some of the photos I was able to recover from my phone…
gosu caves danyang south koreagosu caves danyang south korea gosu caves danyang south korea gosu caves danyang south korea gosu caves danyang south korea gosu caves danyang south korea

After an hour or so, we came back out into the Summer heat. We walked down to the foot of the mountain and relaxed at the market place.gosu caves danyang south korea

We got to keep the gloves they gave out for the tour. Cool ey!Gosudonggul cave

We were drenched in sweat just walking down. So the ladies enjoyed some ice cream while the men went shopping.gosu caves danyang south koreagosu caves danyang south korea

violetology reviews


  1. This is for the not-so extreme explorers. The cave has a single entrance-to-exit route. The walk-thru is on metal pathways with safety railings. They have lights, signs and descriptions at each stop.
  2. The well-designed route and facility is good for groups of children and old people. I can also recommend this for the solo traveller who wants to explore the place alone.
  3. It’s perfect for a summer trip because the cave is cold inside. Prepare for the Winter though, you might freeze inside. ☃️


  1. Wear the right shoes. It can get slippery inside but wearing gum-sole or rubber shoes will solve that problem. Also, you’ll save money by not renting shoes that they offer at the market entrance.
  2. It can get crowded at certain times of the day. So make way for others when taking pictures or else you’d cause an unnecessary traffic jam.
  3. This is not for extreme cave explorers. No crawling, swimming or being mud-covered. If you like this kind of spelunking adventure, come to my hometown in the Philippines and delve into Nueva Vizcaya’s Capisaan Caves. (More on that soon)

gosu caves danyang south korea

We are off to the next stop!


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