Riding the Korean Wave

The Hallyu Wave has crashed on my family’s shore.

My eldest brother who resides in the Middle East bought a grill for Samgyeopsal. He discreetly finds ways to satisfy his pork addiction.

When I talk to my other older brother, also based in the Middle East, he replies to me like this…

and like this…

While here at home, my sister dances all day to MAMAMOO.

And when I call her out, she replies like this…

My niece talks about Kpop idols like they are her friends…

Today, I came home for dinner, and this was what my mom orchestrated…

And me?

Otoke, otoke, otoke?!

So why all this?

I know we’re not the only ones riding the Korean wave. So we’re selling shirts for the Kpop fans, the Kdrama addicts and for everybody who bows “annyeonghaseyo” when someone says hello.

Click photos to enlarge.

Check out our shop:



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