99 Ways to Cheer Up the Depressed: Invest in their Wellness



The biggest mistake I did when I worked overseas was to help other people more than myself. I did not invest in my own health, instead I gave more to others not considering that one day, I could lose everything.

I realized this only after I resigned from my job in the Middle East. Then I went into panic mode and bought myself a health care plan in the Philippines.

caritas payment

Since coming back, I had been constantly sick. I have ignored so many medical treatments because I have anxiety attacks related to hospitals, clinics, doctors and medical equipments. Plus, being jobless and unfit to work, I was appalled at how expensive consultations and medicines are in the Philippines. I lost interest in my health, I wanted to die anyway.caritas payment

For the past years, having no steady income, paying this medical plan had caused me great anxiety. I had to rely on other family members to cover this responsibility for me. But this year, everybody in our family is sick and needs medical maintenance. I was left on my own.

As my payment due date was nearing, to calm my distressed heart, I resolved not to care anymore and just forfeit the plan.

Then a miracle happened. I got a message from my younger niece…caritas paymentcaritas payment caritas payment caritas payment The next day, I got this message from my cousin (my niece’s mom)…caritas payment

What made this conversation special? It’s when my niece said, “You should keep it. You need it. It’s important, it’s your health.” My heart melted a million times.

What else? It’s when my cousins (her mom and dad), travelled all the way to the office just to pay for my health plan.

Fueled by this love, I got out of my bed and scheduled my annual medical exam and my orthopedic check-up which I delayed for 2 years. Later on, I’d find out why my knees were constantly in excruciating pain.

salubris solano

Lesson of the story? Depressed people need people who would GENUINELY check up on them. For us, words are empty, actions speak a lot.

Again, this is God reminding me to unclench and trust in His ways. In the darkness of despair, only him can orchestrate something bright like this. I pray that God bless those who help people in the dark, a thousand times more than they can imagine.

At sana magbayad na ng utang yung mga may utang. Amen. 😛


5 thoughts on “99 Ways to Cheer Up the Depressed: Invest in their Wellness

  1. You are loved. You are special. I love you my little sis. You know how life gets in the way? This is part of your Life that will distract you from all what is beautiful . Remember You have a lot of Someones who really loves you. I promise to check on you from time to time ok? Keep on praying and crying to God. Hugs.

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  2. Violet be strong! Stay positive and that would radiate in you! These are mere trials from God. Please do remember that you are not given such trials if you cannot handle it! Be strong because we ate all here for you!

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