NOVICE is the newest pride of NuViz (Nueva Vizcaya)

Print isn’t dead!

Who would imagine that a group of young Novo Vizcayanos could resurrect the love for books and use it to unite a vast network of aspiring Filipino creatives.

novice magazine

Novice Magazine Issue 01

“We really wanted something connected to Nueva Vizcaya that sounds young and cool, like…. NuViz. From there, we stumbled across Novice. A word that is both honest and telling, the name faithfully represents our brand.”

novice magazine

Novice Magazine is a passion-driven project. It’s an independent literary magazine featuring the unique perspectives and ideas of young Filipino creatives.

novice magazine

Issue 01 Editorial Team


Headed by its creative director, Allen Esteban, the editorial board is made up of young locals of Nueva Vizcaya who have forged their paths around the Philippines and abroad.

Their vision is to create a platform that celebrates aspiring creatives by showcasing their talents as they make their marks in both local and international scenes.

novice magazine

Novice Issue 02: Featured Creatives. Click on photo to know more.


The publishing process is funded and supported by the personal and professional networks of the editorial team and contributing creatives. The ambitious dream to bring each issue to the printers is fueled by pro-active marketing and relies heavily on pre-orders of the book.

novice magazine


Novice is evolving from a magazine to a publication that looks like a coffee table book. Each issue becomes an addictive collection with its full-color, perfectly bound, thick pages of touching feature stories, literary pieces, artwork, and photographs.

novice magazine


The maiden issue, published in 2019, was met with much love and support. On the cover is Abeer Acero, the Instagram maven behind Looking for Abura.

novice magazine


This 2020, amidst the Corona Pandemic, the magazine is back – bigger, braver and bolder. On the front cover is Violet Lucasi of featured as writer, traveller and paragliding pilot.


Novice’s humble attempts to help where they can is remarkable. Proceeds of Issue 01 has gone to school children and frontliners.


School supplies and teaching materials were donated to Pao Elementary School, a primary school located in the mountains of Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. New and donated books helped build their mini library.

novice magazine braver together

Click on photo to see more.


novice magazine braver together

As the Corona Virus hit the country this year, the team initiated help for frontliners, essential workers and communities affected by the pandemic.

novice the volume project braver together


Your money goes a long way! By purchasing a copy of NOVICE, you support the Filipino community of artists, influencers and content creators. You’ll receive a quality book on one hand and the other becomes a helping hand for others in need.


novice issue 02

Photos (and most content) taken from Novice.


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