Let’s openly talk about SUICIDE


Another death by suicide this week in my Christian and family circle. In the past 3 months, a total of 3 young people have taken their own lives. It’s heartbreaking that we get alarmed by their actions but the behaviors that led to their deaths go unnoticed.

Why can’t we still openly talk about suicide? We’ve listened to the noise of current events, like the fight for LGBTQ equality or #BlackLivesMatter, and yet we shush the whimper of suicide stories.

Why do we shut down these LOUD cries for help? Let the depressed express their hopelessness. Let the suicidal verbalize their feelings. WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean it’s NOT real.

Why do we condemn the parents and families of those left behind by suicide? Mental health awareness programs have answered many questions about why people kill themselves. No one should be blamed for suicide.

Let’s end the stigma, shame and isolation! How? Let the suicidal speak their minds. Let the families grieve openly. Let’s learn from each other. The more we don’t talk about it, the more painful goodbyes we will face in the coming days.


What Do You Think?

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