Is Suicide because you are weak and faithless?

Another suicide in my circle yesterday and again another backlash from self-righteous people saying that suicide is for the weak, the faithless and the sinners.suicide philippines

There is no one-size-fits-all cure for suicidal people. Not all depressed people are suicidal, not all who kill themselves are depressed.

Some severe causes that may lead to suicide: blood flow & inflammation, genetics & chemical imbalances, head trauma or injury, drugs & toxins, infection issues, Neurohormone Deficiencies, mental illness, diabesity, sleep issues, traumatic events, social circles and spiritual anchors. There is a BIOLOGICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SOCIAL & SPIRITUAL dimension to suicide.

One big reason suicidal people don’t reach out is because they themselves don’t know and understand what is going on inside them.

Dear one, if you’ve had persistent suicidal thoughts, don’t feel guilty and ashamed. There are many reasons for it that could have been beyond your control. Reach out, and if you get shut down, keep reaching out until you find the right help. Many of us will understand.


One thought on “Is Suicide because you are weak and faithless?

  1. Hi Violet, THANK YOU for this important and courageous sharing – I believe you are a VOICE our GOD is using to reach out to many who are hurting and misunderstood. I sent you some articles this week on your email that might be helpful as you continue to address these issues of mental health, depression, suicide, etc. HUGS 🙂


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