VLOG 3: Visiting lola, Hypomania Explained (Part 1)

Hi everyone, in this video I will share with you a glimpse of the hypomanic side of my bipolar life.

This eposide is entitled: THE ONE WHERE I VISITED LOLA UP IN THE JUNGLES. Hypomania explained.

Watch the full video here:


Watch the teaser here:

My grandmother, lived up in the mountains of the Northern Philippines, in a municipality called Natonin, in a tribe called Balangao.

natonin mountain province


This is the less severe mania in a Bipolar Disorder’s spectrum of moods. Hypomanic episodes have the same symptoms of manic episodes but not so extreme as to cause impairment.



  • High-pitched voice
    My voice gets so irritatingly high-pitched, even I cannot stand it at times and I don’t understand half of what I am saying.
  • Non-stop singing or talking
    Sometimes this gets annoying because I don’t even like my own voice.
  • Converse with anyone
    I would talk to everyone – people, strangers, animals and things.
  • Restlessness
    I can go on and on about anything and nothing.
  • Unable to sit still
    I can’t sit and behave in one corner.
  • Easily distracted
    I am everywhere!
  • Many new ideas and plans
    I can physically feel my brain working and I get so many brilliant ideas.
  • Doing multiple projects or tasks
    I say yes to everything… with no way of finishing them!
  • Creative mind
    Sometimes I have genius moments.


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