Nong Khai, Thailand

Four indigenous People’s (IP) pilots of Nueva Vizcaya has travelled to Thailand to represent the Philippines in the 7th Thailand Paragliding Accuracy ASEAN Friendships Open (FAI CAT II) – AFA Asian League 2023 and to support the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Nong Khai, Thailand this February 10-19, 2023.

Kelvin Liyangna, Arlyne (Aly) Pugong, and Sherlyne (Seri) Pugong (from Ambaguio-Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya), together with Michael Vincent Plotado and Nathalie Beatrice Estrella (from the NCR) completed the 5-man team officially representing the Philippines. The games has 16 countries represented with 133 pilots confirmed.

“The road coming here has been very challenging. Up to now, we feel like the underdogs. But the kids’ fighting spirits cannot be chained by the lack of finances, moral support and skills compared to others. Having been able to hold the banner of our hometown Nueva Vizcaya and raise the flag of our country during the opening ceremony was already worth the long road coming here. Seeing the kids fly side-by-side brilliant pilots of different countries makes me proud of what the ‘taong-bundok’ could achieve when given the opportunity to shine,” says team leader Violet Lucasi-Elrays (of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya).

Thanks to the morale boost of our Provincial Tourism and Culture Office, the support of the LGUs of Ambaguio and Bayombong, the generosity of our Governor Carlos Padilla, the big hearts of our loyal partners-sponsor, and the loud cheers of the pasuporta community, we are now flying in international skies.


The same way you all have cheered for us from Season 1 (Nagtipuan) to Season 2 (Saranggani), we would like to reach out again and seek for help as we launch Season 3 (Thailand). We are in need of financial assistance to help cover the cost or our expenses: plane tickets, travel tax, national and international sporting licenses, competition registration fees, transport expenses, food, accommodation and training fees.

When you support our local pilots, you get 1 PASUPORTA with fun vouchers in it. Know more:


  • GCASH or PAYMAYA: Violet Elrays | 09474906006
  • BPI Account: Violet Elrays | 4209040803

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