Waling-Waling EcoVillage: Cabana at Night

I love our evenings in Calaguas! I’m not a party person, so I welcome the silent nights with excitement.

The best moments are the peaceful minutes I spend under the  starry night, only to be interrupted by my sister’s unpredictable questions.

“Ate, if the Holy Spirit is inside me, where does it go after I die?”

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

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The staff diligently sets up our beds and mosquito nets at night and collects them in the morning.

On our last night, we tried sleeping without the net and we were perfectly fine – no bug or mosquito bites!

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

There isn’t much to do here at night but to enjoy the quiet darkness. I grabbed these opportunities to talk about life and love with my sister.

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

 THE CABANASWaling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

 SHARED TOILETSWaling-Waling EcoVillage Shared Toilets

 KUBOLWaling-waling EcoVillage Kubol

 CABANA AT NIGHTWaling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

 DININGWaling-waling EcoVillage food and dining

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Staff