Waling-Waling EcoVillage: The Staff

“Guests may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. “

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Staff

Our stay was memorable because we had warm and helpful people around us all the time. They take time to greet us and talk to us.

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Staff

Rap-Rap was THE star! He made sure we were served on time (from day 1 ’till the last day) and always went the extra mile for us.

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Staff

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 THE CABANASWaling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

 SHARED TOILETSWaling-Waling EcoVillage Shared Toilets

 KUBOLWaling-waling EcoVillage Kubol

 CABANA AT NIGHTWaling-Waling EcoVillage Cabana

 DININGWaling-waling EcoVillage food and dining

Waling-Waling EcoVillage Staff