Self-centered Online Blogger

Today while I was on my way to spend the 100 Dirhams my husband left for me, I met a very interesting guy. After exchanging pleasantries, I discovered he made me discover he was a writer. For a writer, this guy surely loves to talk.

Guy: So you write? What’s your genre?

Me: I actually studied scriptwriting for theatre but I haven’t been practicing…

Guy: Oh, I wrote a script once for a CCP show.

Me: Really? That’s cool. I write online.

Guy: You blog?

I smile and nodded.

Guy: I hope you’re not one of those on-line diaries. I don’t read those stuffs. People who post pictures of themselves, talk about themselves, why do they think people care about their lives…

In my head I was clicking UNSUBSCRIBE.

Guy: You know, when I write, I make it a point to write something important, something that people would learn from. You get my point?

Oh, he’s still here.

Me: So what do you write about?

Guy: I’ve been working on a project since last year. It’s about (blah blah blah). I was planning to submit it to the Palanca Awards. You know, the highest literary awards in the Philippines? You know?

Me: Yeah.

He continued on talking until finally his ride came. I let out a huge (I’ll say it again) HUGE sigh of relief like a vacuum cleaner was just unplugged and taken far away from me.

Yes, wise guy, I am an online blogger who posts pictures of herself and talks about herself. I’d rather do that online than torture strangers on the streets.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I already won my PALANCA.

With my cool mentor, Mr. Glenn Mas

So who do you choose, the self-centered blogger or the self-righteous person you can’t click away?


18 thoughts on “Self-centered Online Blogger

  1. I had no idea you won a Palanca, Violet! Wow, you’re so awesome! Whoever the hell that obnoxious, self-righteous “writer” is, I obviously would rather read your “online crap” haha


  2. Hey, I am a Violetology junkie, so what does that make me? LOL. You have been dinging on my phone notification constantly in the past weeks! Like everyday! So I read— the only entertainment I have while twiddling my thumbs at work.

    So thanks to your self center-ish- ness, I am able to get my 2 minute fix on days like these! 🙂 I read your blogs more than I write mine hahaha is that sad?


    1. now this is the top comment of the week 🙂 Haha. I think I need to give you a prize, but you’re anonymous. haha.

      write yours! write yours! so that we self-centred blogs dominate!


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