First Breakfast

This is the first ever breakfast I prepared for my husband.

Because I have a Violetology reader currently up in the jungles of Zamboanga saving lives, who is reading this blog from her phone and couldn’t see photos, I shall describe the picture. Haha.

Breakfast was assorted fruits, boiled eggs, egg sandwich, cheese and milk tea served atop the ironing board (We don’t have a dinner table yet).

Obviously I still don’t know how to cook. BUT I CAN BOIL!

This is the start of my domestication.

16 thoughts on “First Breakfast

  1. Bakit pati sandwich DIY? 😉
    I just bought a small paperback cookbook called “Kitchen Primer”. I could send it to you–kaya lang US-centric. Are all sorts of ingredients easily available at prices you can swallow?


    1. google-able ba yan? naku US-centric, baka wala pa dito nun. kakaiba ingredients dito e. haha. one time kapag nakabili na ng oven, turuan mko mgluto ng pastathru skype ha. i love your pasta!


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