Leo’s Layover

My brother Leo is my best buddy.

In a few hours from now, he is going to land in Abu Dhabi… for a 7-hour transit to Europe. His choral group, Coro Cantabile, is off to Europe for a concert tour.

For 7 hours, he’ll be roaming around the confines of Abu Dhabi airport while I’ll be at home waiting, imagining him walking on the same land I am on. He can’t get out. I can’t go in.

I miss him so bad and I have a lot of things to show him: my new flat, my flat-screen TV, my bed, my sofa, my automatic washing machine, my first failed-cooked pasta, my jogging park, my garbage disposal… I wanna show him everything!

But I can’t. So near yet so far.

I think Airports need to create a visa-free ”transit lounge” where passengers could meet family and friends during lay-over. They could provide a very tight security as long as people can still breathe. This would be a benevolent initiative.

Brother, bon voyage then! Next time you drop by Abu Dhabi, it should be long enough for me to bore you with all the things I wanna show off.


4 thoughts on “Leo’s Layover

  1. wow! congrats to your kuya leo! i met kuya archie from coro cantabile and he told me that they went to balangao and i said “ahhh lucasi land!” :-)miss you bayu.


  2. Leo, naks naman, European tour! Ya’ll have a great time and stay healthy! Praying you achieve your goals for the tour. Kasama pa ba sa Coro si Azalea? If yes, my regards to her.
    (Vi, I’m presuming Leo still gets to read your blog while abroad. Sorry at nakikisingit ng message)


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