A Gentleman named Hatem

Meet my big brother Hatem.

I’ve talked a lot about him lately (here, here and here and remember this) and it’s about time I introduce him properly. Hatem is the first of my husband’s friends whom I met. The Captain and I were still dating when we were introduced and I remember him saying on that first meeting, ”marry her.”

He’s a gentle giant – a crazy happy one. Whenever I’m with him, I find myself laughing a lot. His Tagalog vocabulary surprises me, I think he speaks better than me. He also knows Pinoy entertainment shows and celebrities more than I do. He’s been nothing but supportive to me and my husband ever since I met him.

One time we had a talk about life, death and loneliness. I get him, he gets me. In that short moment I knew he was a man of love, depth and character.

He is tall, (not so) dark and very handsome. His other name is Tom. I like calling him Tommy Boy. His vital statistics are… ok I’m gonna stop here before I sound like I’m peddling people again. On second thought… he is single and stable! (Hint, hint)

Here are some photos he took of our F1 trip.

A short video of us going home.

To know more about Hatem, leave a message and I’ll deliver it to him.


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