CCF’s Focus on the Family

I love my family even if it is dysfunctional sometimes.

My father was a man of principles and wisdom. When I was younger his form of discipline was his belt. When I got older it became one on one discourses. Whether it be spanking or talking, every single session would end with him praying then hugging me. So even if I felt bad or guilty, I knew I was very much loved.

My mom on the other hand had a completely different strategy because she has super powers – Ultra Pinch and Mega Eyes. Whenever I do something bad, she’d instantly pinch any part of my body her fingers could reach. This ultra pinches are long and hard, I find myself repenting for present, past and future sins. She fires the Mega Eyes when I commit a booboo and we are in public company. She’d stare at me with her mega round unblinking eyes and I’d know I was in big trouble. All her power exhibitions taught me a lot about manners and respect.

My brothers and sisters would be the same siblings I’d pick if I were to live another life. Yes, we do fight a lot but the love my parents bonded us with is greater than all our misunderstandings put together. There is no such thing as a perfect family. But there can always be a perfectly loved family.

My mom and dad raised us in just two ways: in the FEAR of God and with the LOVE of God. Everything else stemmed out from that. I just finished listening and watching CCF’s archived sermon series about FAMILY. As I listened to Ptr. Peter Tanchi I remembered my dad and how he not only preached the same Biblical principles but how he modeled them in our family life.

I am personally very picky with sermons and I am sharing this because a lot of us have the same desires: to be a better parent, be a better son or daughter, raise exceptional kids or start a happy family. I took the pains of putting these together because I know, if one spends just an hour of a busy day and listen to what God has to say, lives will be changed.

The videos/audios can be an hour long so I suggest you take time and watch one sermon a week or a day. Click on the photo to go to the link.






Here’s a summary:

The quality of the relationship parents cultivate with their children determines the weight of their influence. We only have one life and it is too short for trial and error.


5 thoughts on “CCF’s Focus on the Family

    1. I went church-hopping after papa died.. went to a dozen of churches and settled in CCF 🙂 Ptr. Peter’s preachings are as clear and practical as papa’s 🙂


    2. Exactly.. All the speakers are well-prepared, you can feel the anointing in each and every pastor. There’s no celebrity status and every Sunday is an exciting day to listen to the message of God by men He chose. And I totally agree, the preaching is simple yet incisive, straight to the point, practical and it stays with you long after you’ve gone home and beyond. Once the message starts, the BIGness of the worship hall disappears and it feels like the message of GOD is being imparted to each one on a personal basis–one on one. And for that I praise GOD!


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