Love from Germany

Package from Germany arrived for me today. Ok, it arrived for us today since my husband has his name on it too.

Earlier, the sender already gave me heads-up on what’s inside.

Apart from his current job, my husband has other professions. He is my personal dietitian and nutritionist also my dermatologist. He makes sure I stick to my no-sweets diet. My job, however, is to find ways to dodge this restriction.

Knowing what’s inside this package, I told my husband NOT to open it.

”There’s something written in here,” he said.

I got busted even before I could create further plans. I forgot he reads.

After a very long negotiation, the package came to me unopened.

And we unwrapped it together.


He made sure they remain uneaten… for now.

Thanks, Tita Liz for giving me special days like this, since kiddiehood up to now!

God bless the Zillmanns.


4 thoughts on “Love from Germany

  1. Nice to have an aunt who hasn’t stopped sending you chocolates even though you’re all grown up.
    I for one however would love to receive sweets hard to find in the airport stores and only available from the sender’s country.


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