Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby in Dubai

There was a point in my life (read: thinner, merrier and more sociable) when people around me called me Toni. They say I have features which resemble her and humor that sounds like her.

Until now I am scared of ”studying” this possibility because IF she does look and act like the old happier version of me, there is no fairness in it. Poor Toni being compared to a meager minion.

I am not a fan of any local showbiz actress. Toni is an exception. I adore her since she appeared in the ”I Love You Piolo” Sprite commercial. She got me hooked with her witty hosting, clever jokes and candid acting. With Toni, I could laugh and laugh and laugh and still want more.

The UAE is in for a thrill as she conquers the stage together with Sam Milby. Also, her equally good-humored sister adds to the fun!

End your January with this gleeful inTONIxication!


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